How many players / toons do I need to handle the NPC miners in 0.5 HS?

How many players / toons do I need to handle the NPC miners and response crew in 0.5 HS?

I’m a returning player–this NPC miner concept is new to me and I have a few questions:

First, where can I find the composition of the miners and response fleet at various security levels?

Additionally, when I defeat the miners and response fleet, how long till they respawn? Also, if miners have stripped a belt before I arrive, how long before that belt respondse?

Thanks guys.

i would think 1 raven pve fitted would be enough to clear that out. not sure about the respawn timer and all that but yeah 1 raven with a strong tank should do.

Would raven navy issue make it easier?

Belts only respawn at downtime, and if fully stripped actually take 3 days to return to full size also.

there is abit dps diffrence there. i would recommend you try it in a normal raven insured just to get a hang of it.

there’s videos on you-tube showing how to deal with them ; no need to kill them just to get them out of the belt .

watch and learn before you commit a raven as it would quickly die .
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Arbitrator has perfect tracking and application at 6000km! hehe. Raven/Scorpion cruise missiles also have perfect application.

yes i was taking damage from an npc arb at 3000 km it dropped in half i think that’s his falloff … :stuck_out_tongue:

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