How much would thsi charrector be worth ? 14+m sp

This charr is my alt i used when i used to wormhole mine back in 2011 or so. I quit the game for 6 years and came back and i figured id get more money selling the charrector then sitting in a wormhole and mining i dunno.

It has 14+ m sp, can fly exhumers, iteron mk5, has decent warp/power skills, just enough in mining to use basic mining crystals for high sector ores. Has basics in hull.shields… And can use scan probes ect. Before i quit i started to train for a battlecruiser to help with rats in wormholes, but i only have the BC 5 skill and no gunnery.

To me the shine of this char is the ability to use the Iteron 5, and exhumers, although it seems you need mining frigate 3 to use a exhumer lol since i quit the game now but that isnt a big deal for someone to train’Dick_Larry

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