How new rules chararcter bazar work?

Hi, i have a doubts,

What are the rules, to sell my character in new character bazar?
(in the old days, it was necessary 2 plex in account).
and now, i need pay 20$ fee? (transfer between accounts)

“D. Purchasing and sales”

“6. The owner of the character being sold is responsible for paying CCP the character transfer fee.”

Thank you;

When you go to Account Management to send the character to the other person, it will ask you to pay the fee $20 (or equivalent in Euro etc.).

The 2 PLEX refers to “old plex” = 500 “new plex”, so you actually need 1000 PLEX in your vault, and instead of paying the fee from Account Management, you can create a Support Ticket to have a GM remove the PLEX from the character’s vault and send the character off to the other person.

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