WTS - 6 Years No Skill And no Corp History

Someone interested?



How much for the bold guy?

bidding about 3.50 isk

Burghiu is not for sale.


I was asking about the toon you are selling. What is the price? PM please asap.

1bil ISK

Just out of curiosity, why even sell a toon for 1 bil when the transfer fee is 3.6 bil (at today’s PLEX prices)?

It is 20 dollars to transfer = 500 plex @ roughly 3,550,000 each = 1.75 billion

The cost of transferring at todays plex prices is roughly 1.75b

Don’t expect to get a pilot for anything less then that

Isn’t the transfer fee 1000 plex? And doesn’t the seller have to pay? Even if it is 500 plex, he would still have to pay 750 mil to be selling the character

You can’t transfer with plex anymore as far as I know (please tell me if I’m wrong). The 20 dollar fee to transfer is the equivalent of purchasing 500 plex though and yes he won’t want to accept any bids below 1.75b unless he wants to lose money getting rid of his pilot.

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