How often do you Gate Camp?

I am a veteran and looking to come back in a more laid back way… I am looking for a group who gate camps… I have had some great replies already from another thread I created… I am just wondering what group out there gate camps alot? I have been looking on zkillboard at a few but I was just wondering and appreciate any and all replies… so far it looks like Pyke Syndicate and The Meridian does some camping!

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and why do you say that? please elaborate

So Gate camping in just a relaxation for you :slight_smile: Wow. sounds a real Narc. :rofl:

A narc lol no just sometimes when I am working and I can play at the same time… it is better to chillout and jump people at the gate instead of active hunting… it takes less attention to let the prey come to you…

btw why a narc?

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Deleted several off topic posts.

Lets keep it civil.

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Agreed … well done!

Serious Question.

Does it count as gate camping when I bounce around between tacticals around the gate …
… waiting for a good autopiloting target to warp in?

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That would make my thrasher a winnebago, then … :slight_smile:

Where do you usually hangout… I currently a few clones and low sec locations… Maybe we can team up one day. I will be out of the country until 1/11/21 though

I’m trying to set up a home in Uedama.

You’re a tad late. :smiley:

Merry late christmas! :slight_smile:

Yes I am on vacation. Will return after 1/11/2021

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I’ll look out for you , missed you the other day but your name came up in our intel channel hehe

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I feel like we’re not playing at the same times and I’m incredibly lazy stocking up.
It’s not like in Hek. In Hek I just ask in local for someone to build me thrashers and deliver them.

Posting such a request on the forums yielded nothing the last time …
… and I doubt it would be any different this time.

I’m not really motivated. :frowning:

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If targets are coming to us why bother roaming. I gate camp a lot. Start out my Eve session a lot of the time gate camping and then when people get on if targets are coming to us we keep at it. If not then we will hunt, roam, do a drop or whatever.

@Algathas Where do you camp? Maybe I can join you sometime…

We live in Curse. (NPC Nullsec) Have been here since the dark ages.

When I was a newer player, I didn’t gate-camp that much. Maybe three or four times a day would be enough. Then as I got older, I found that I had to do it more often. These days, it’s not even uncommon for me to wake up in the middle of the night to have a quick gate camp (although it sometimes takes a while to get it going as I fumble through the darkness). I’m actually finding it more and more difficult to control when I need to gate-camp. If I feel the urge coming on, I know that I have to get a gate camp going as soon as possible. But the worst part is when the need to gate-camp turns out to be a false alarm. I hurry like a madman to get to the target choke point system, set up tackle and logistics, clear the comms, and then…nothing. There’s no traffic; no movement through the pipe whatsoever.

My gate camps have also become much more messy in recent years. Before, it was possible to maintain a tight formation around the gate, but today, it seems that it’s all over the place, barely staying within the outer rim of tackle range. And I have to scoop up all the loose drones and cans each time I’m done, or my FC will yell at me, or even worse, for not leaving the fleet advert up when I’m done.

Boy, becoming an EVE vet sure is rough.


Tama and Kinakka are good places to look for camps. But me wouldn’t call that relaxing, spamming ctrl or w click on overview until target decloaks.