How are they any fun?
I just don’t understand how sitting on a gate with logis, shooting anything that decloaks is fun.

It is just like fishing.

Sometimes the fish gets caught, others get away and sometimes a shark eats the person fishing.

Its the adrenaline rush, same as escaping a gate camp.


You’re really just hanging with your friends, BSn on coms, drinking maybe.


Great analogy!

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A gate needs to have traffic.
If a gate is not used for more that 15 minutes.
I move.

It’s an easy way to pad your KB with haulers in certain locations so why not?

How is shooting the same NPC rats over and over fun?

At least camping is a group activity and the „rats“ are more diverse, give killmails to discuss and can contain nice loot. You also can practice your fast locking and decloaking skills.

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People come to die and bring you loot.


I grew up wondering why people gatecamped, then when I got involved with my current crew, we gatecamp Syndicate quite frequently.
1: When we’re not roaming, its relaxing.
2: We’re small gang, not an n+1 blob, so individual skills are used.
3: We’re always hoping that another roaming gang spots us and we get a fun brawl out of it.
4: Fight the locals and occasionally escalate. Win some, lose some. Can get some dank loot out of it depending on how many shinies they put on their battleships.

And for the haters saying that we’re murdering everyone and they don’t ever have a chance, there are plenty of people that aren’t looking for a fight who easily avoid our camps cause they actually know what they’re doing.

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Never not PvP drunk XD

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