How to calculate target sig radius - guide

(frqgrenade) #1

This metod is using lock time, eve uni wiki, and wolfram alpha to calculate target signature radius. Works well for pve since you can optimize missile and fighter performance. Does not work particularly well against player ships sine lock time is only affected by base sig radius of a given hull. Yes MWD does NOT make your ship easier to lock.

  1. Get a ship with low scan res. I recommend t1 hauler with cloak and full rack of warp core stabs. Both scan res and lock time might be capped so watch out for that. Further testing needed.

  2. Position target outside your lock range and attempt to lock. You will fail but note time shown on locking icon. Clicking lock target like mad makes it easy to see cause it only last fraction of second.

  3. Go to wolfram alpha:*+y))%2F(x*+y))
    and plug:
    your scan res in place of x
    lock time in place of y
    heres formula if link dies
    sinh((200 sqrt(x* y))/(x* y))

  4. If done correctly you will get signature radius of targeted ship

Sig radius on overview pls
(JC Mieyli) #2

i just use the size coumn in my overview
mostly use it to tell if a player is using mwd

(frqgrenade) #3

Size column is not signature radius. I think it’s diameter of 0 distance sphere of given object, but that’s just speculation.

(Olmeca Gold) #4

You will find entire stats for most PvE ships (new ones excluded) here:

For PvP targets, just ship scan them and simulate their fits.