Question about sig radius and lock time

My question is mostly belong to theorycraft but I wonder is my calculation true or not. For example I have two Prowler fits:

  • 1 Adaptive Invulnerability Field II and 1 Medium Shield Extender II (sig radius: 136, overheated EHP: 16 521 )
  • 2 Adaptive Invulnerability Field II (sig radius: 127, overheated EHP: 14 734)

According to this formula lock time is ~ 1.39 and 1.41 respectively (assuming Stiletto is my opponent). So my question is - is it worth it fit extra 2K EHP since total lock time will be 2 sec anyway? (cause of server tick)
Did I miss something?

With your insignificant difference in sig radius you’re better off with 2k more EHP, if caught you’ll probably be sitting in your pod anyway. At least with an additional 2k EHP you’ll have a slightly better chance to “escape”.

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instalock stiletto with overheated sebo is around 2100 scan res (give or take)

I get sub 1-sec times for both fits: 136 127.

What scan resolution were you basing your stiletto calculations on?


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I used graph in this topic (seems it’s out of date)

Yeah, I clearly understand that being catched, Prowler is dead in both cases =) I just wonder why everyone advise me unfit extender in favor of invul. And I want to know for myself which difference in the signature is significant. Thanks for your answer

970 is the base scan resolution but it’s modified by skills, modules and rigs:

e.g. most decent tacklers will have Signature Analysis 4, which gives 4x5% increase = 20%
fit a sebo II with scan resolution script gives 60% bonus
each small targeting system subcontroller I is giving 20% bonus

(note: stacking penalty will apply to the rigs/modules)

so add these up and for a stiletto with 2x small targeting system subcontroller I, 1x sebo II and Signature Analysis 4 would give:

970 * 1.2 * 1.6 * 1.2 (*87% eff stacking pen) * 1.2 (*57.1% eff stacking pen)

= 970 * 1.2 * 1.6 * 1.174 * 1.1142 = 2436

You’d have to get your signature down to 28 if you want to be below 1 sec targeting, and the only things that small are pods and shuttles.


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I’d go with a full passive fit 2x caldari navy mse or mse+dcu if you want to fit prop mod and burst jammer. Invul will give more ehp but only if it’s turned on, and a blap nado won’t wait for you to turn it on. Or someone smartbombing. You will sometimes activate it, sometimes not (more often not), can’t have it on while cloaked etc. As someone mentioned above, if you are caught, ur dead anyway, this ship relies on cloak and agility for survivability so better maximize those. 13k ehp is fine.

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My prowler is fitted for align time and passive tank. If you get decloaked you don‘t want to fiddle around with Invuls. Also invuls don‘t help with smartbombs mid-warp. Anyway, the point of the BR is to not get caught.

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