Need help - slow target locking

Trying to do some gate camping and having a tough time with slow target locking.

I’m using a variety of T1 Destroyers fitted with the F-90 sensor boost and scan boost script. I have Signature Analysis lvl 4 (3 days from lvl 5).

Anything else I can do?


There is a set of hardwires (slot 7), I have the 5% implanted, every bit helps😉


  • Signature Analysis skill
  • Sensor Booster (Sebo) with Scan Resolution Script
  • Overheating
  • Signature Amplifier (Sig Amp)
  • Remote Sensor Boosters (Resebo) with Scan Resolution Script
  • Information Command Bursts
  • Ionic Field Projector Rigs
  • SA-70x Implants
  • ping (your own internet connection can play a role. See links for more info.)

Think that’s everything.

Also, kind of surprised that there isn’t a named implant set for targeting speed.

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If Remote Sensor Boosting is an Option, then Information Command Bursts should also be

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remove a maybe installed cloaking device.

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Have another player or alt in a ship that specialises in fast locking and tackle at the gate.

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You’re going to have to elaborate on a few of those. :sunglasses:

Sig amps?
I thought remote sensors boost was something another player/ship does to your ship?

I can help with a few of those.

Here’s a post I did about Targeting. I specifically linked explanations on how sig radius and scan res tie into it. The scan resolution has an explanation about what a sebo is and what the script does. I unfortunately haven’t done much with the other things though they’re now on the list.

Keep in mind, it’s the simplest explanation possible in order to try not to dump info on people.

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Sebos = sensor boosters, active mid slot module that can be scripted

Sig amps = signal amplifier, a similar but passive low slot module

Remote sensor boosts indeed originate from another ship, so if you want to make use of them you need at least two ships at the gate, one to lock fast, the other to boost the locking time of the first ship

Ping to the server in London, because if you’re trying to lock someone up fast but live in Australia, they’ll likely be gone from the gate before you can target them.

If you check all of the boxes it’s sometimes even possible to catch ships that align within 2 seconds, which are commonly regarded as ‘uncatchable’.

T1 destroyers may not be the best choice to target fast, there are frigates with better locking times.

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How do you ping to different servers?

I only see Tranquility and Singularity on my setup.

It’s a geographical thing. Do you live near London, where the Tranquility server is? And do you have a decent internet connection? Then your ping will be higher than if you were to live further away.

For EVE your ping does not matter much, as everything is done in server ticks, but for certain actions like catching fast aligning ships at gates your location on Earth does matter.

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