How to change someones mind?

My friend believes dropping 2 bil on a drake is not a good decision :CCCC
I wanna appease the drake gods somehow. But how do i change his mind?


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Nothing wrong with that.

Poors will always try to tell you not to spend isk.

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10k Volts


You can’t. Get a new friend.

Not enough purple


give hin a 2 bil drake and he will see how good it is

Only 2 bil? You need to go for it, pump those numbers up! Do it right! Either you want an effective machine or you don’t!

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Making a gofund me for an 8 bil isk drake rn

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Gank him with your alts, get some easy loot, and suggest that he make another one to replace it. Either he’ll learn or he’ll spend all of his IRL cash buying PLEX to give you more loot.

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He can do what he wants with his isk.

Fill your cargohold with exotic dancers and spiced wine, then screenshot it. Send it to him along with intimate details of the amazing party life you are now living, and it was all thanks to blinging-out your ride.

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Diamond in the back, sunroof top,
diggin’ in the scene with a gangster lean
ooo oooooh

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Pimp my drake. I shall get a picture when I get home haha

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Ok update

It costs 4.5 - 5.5 bil with added nirvana implants
Time to ask WTM if I qualify for their fleet since I have over 100k ehp and 1000 dps

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Why pad someone else’s stats?
Or be super risk-averse over the matter.
I once survived an encounter with a small gang in a WH merely on the fact that they thought I could take one of them down but none of them wanted to risk being the one. They all ran off.

He should spend that on skills. Bigger insult to get killed by a basic Drake with high-meta and skills.

But drake is a lifestyle which should be religiously followed and endorsed

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Oh I know. I flew a drake for YEARS. I even, uh… used a target painting drake in an NPSI fleet but hey that’s what the FC wanted it was not my fault.

I will bring a drake to a titan fleet if I can tank it like a titan mwwhahahh. The drake should come prefitted with a Kinetic doomsday lmao

So while my friend hates me for using a drake he found a sacred site Screenshot_435