Old drake pilot returning

I just came back after being away since 2012. Im not sure what’s changed as far as numbers and modules go. Do I need to update my old drakes fitting? Id run passive shield tank with HAMs or HMs.

I used to 2 box with my other character in a probe or cheetah for scanning, salvaging, arch and hacking. The drake was the muscle, the 2nd would just sit cloaked until battle was over. Ran anomalies in HS and WH.

If I wanted my 2nd character to also fight, am I limited to a t3, or would a black ops ship suffice?


I got bad news about that Drake, bro.

Are you going to follow that up with an answer?

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Don’t pay attention to that troll, drakes are mostly unchanged, but now can fit a micro jump drive and fit command mods, otherwise pretty much unchanged.

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Thanks. Im still getting my sea legs back. Then I have to print some charts out and and start venturing back into wh space and testing fits against sleepers.

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You’ll be happy to know the drake still does decent against sleepers, though other ships are most likely a better choice now. I’m pretty fond of (in no particular order) the gila, praxis, a retribution or some choice of t3 destroyer.

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Good news indeed. Im thinking or replacing my 2nd character’s probe with a T3. Am hoping that will still do all the scanning, salvaging, and hacking while adding some dps.

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Welcome back to Eve, there’s been a lot of changes to the game since 2012 so yeah, you’ll definitely have to update all of your ship fits.

T3 Cruisers are extremely versatile and well suited for multi-tasking.

However I think the new shield implants will make the drake great again. And the Blaster Tengu… :slight_smile:

welcome home Obed Marshh o7

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