Need some advice for my Drake


So, I had a few month experience on Eve Online years ago.
Recently I’ve decided to come back on the game and I discover the game again. It is quite hard to remember everything.
I’ve decided to start a solo (Just the time for me to familiarise with the game) PVE carrier.

From my first playthrough of the game I have a Drake full fit like that:

Shield Power Relay II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II

10MN Afterburner II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Target Painter II
EM Shield Hardener II
Thermal Shield Hardener II

‘Arbalest’ Heavy Missile Launcher
‘Arbalest’ Heavy Missile Launcher
‘Arbalest’ Heavy Missile Launcher
‘Arbalest’ Heavy Missile Launcher
‘Arbalest’ Heavy Missile Launcher
‘Arbalest’ Heavy Missile Launcher
Small Tractor Beam I

Medium Core Defense Field Purger I
Medium Core Defense Field Purger I
Medium Core Defense Field Purger I

Hobgoblin II x5

Uranium Charge S x100
Gamma S x1
Antimatter Charge M x100
LFT Enduring Sensor Dampener x1
100mm Crystalline Carbonide Restrained Plates x1

So, I have some questions:

Is this drake ok for PVE ?
If yes, Is my fit actually good for PVE carrier ?
If No, what ship can you advice me, and do you have some good fit for me to start.

Thanks in advance.

Snakes on a drake.

I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Can you be more specific please ?
Sorry but like I said, I ve played the game a few month like 6 years ago…

you have missile launchers, but yet you have non missile ammo?

I’m using Scourge Heavy Missiles.

To be honest I don’t even remember why I have built this fit. Probably from a guide or something like this. I’m kinda lost actually. I’ve been out of the game too long and this ship is probably the last thing I have fit before leaved the game.

Full Shield Power Relays.

PVE is vague, as it goes from ratting in hi-sec to doing DED sites in null, ratting in whs, etc. Also the fit depends on npc types (damage to deal.resist). Can you give more precisions about your plans for pve? hi sec/low/null? npcs types etc

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A couple observations of your fit:

  • the stuff in cargo hold seems random loot (uranium charge up to the 100mm plate), no need to keep it there
  • you’re missing ammo for the missile launchers (oh I see it’s Scourge Heavy Missiles)
  • your fit seems to be made to fight against enemies dealing EM and Thermal damage. For a more general fit, swap to Multispectrum Shield hardeners, or once you know the type of pirates you’re going to fight, swap to resists to the damage those pirates deal.

But it’s better to know what you want to be doing and get a new ship suited for that purpose, than it is to find a purpose for your ship.


Ok, I understand that, I need to fit my shields depending the ennemies I fight. Thank you for the advice, I’ll be carrefull on that.
I’ve tried my drake on lvl 2 and 3 defense high sec contract, and the gap is pretty huge for me.

  • LVL2 is easy, everything get almost one shot.
  • LVL3 is a pain, it takes me a lot of time mostly because my Drake is very very very slow, have very low range and my shields do not resist a lots against multiples ennemies.

The first time I tried LVL3, I ve been surprise by the damage taken and almost lost my ship. And it tooks me like 5-6 back and forth to finish the contract.

Is there any other things I can do to be more effective in LVL3 ?
At this point, and because I m actually playing solo, I try some high sec defense contract. I’m trying to get more confortable with the game.

The difference between L2 and L3 is the typical learning cliff of New Eden. Tactics will help immensly with L3s.

Check the NPC grouping and check aggro mechanics. Managing your spawns will drastically reduce your incoming DPS.

Paying attention to the racial damage profile will become much more apparent with L3s You can either go multispecs for laziness and if your skills can cope with the DPS or going racial hardeners and fitting for the NPC type for greater efficiency. Same with damage. Check the damage type they are most suceptible too and you can kill more efficiently.

Skills will also become more important. I used to find that new players will jump into a Battlecrusier a little early and then struggle. They are big, fat, slow moving mini Battleships. Trying to hit a fast moving friggy with a Battlecruiser can be a struggle at times. You need to skill for the ship you fly. invest some SP into the basics and make sure you have enough SP invested into your ships core attributes. Going for a passive tanked Drake needs to be supported by decent shield skills.

Its also hard to ballance Damage and Tank. For a passive Drake I’d echo the above and say full shield relays. Then rely on my missile skills to take care of the required DPS.

To save your ship you ust need to stay aligned. Align out to a warp point and set as destination. As L3s don’t tend to scram you just hit the Autopilot just before your tank breaks.

Hope that all makes sense.

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