Need help with combat ship/fittings

ok, I just lost my drake tank b/c I ran out of missiles and he had a warp jammer on. I need a combat ship that can also use good drones as backup.


Can someone give me the fitting and loadout for a really good combat ship/cruiser/battleship etc…

Is the Praxis a good combat ship? Need help.

It’s not possible to be this oblivious.

Yall say I should ask yall before doing somehting… so I ask and you insult anyway. … be constructive.

Get used to it. Posting in the forums is like undocking in game. You better have a thick skin.

That being said, A little more info would help. Do you prefer shield tank and missiles?

I’m looking for an offensive ship with good defensive capabilities… My drake was using Scourge Heavy missiles, but with 6 Heavy Missile Launcher I’s, they weren’t doing as much damage as the guy was doing to me.

what do you pretend to do with the ship?
make it easier to give you tips

Explore and defend myself against PvPers… Survive, etc… Don’t want to be caught off guard again.

to explore better to use a t1 exploration ship or a cover ops or a astero
there is no pwn boat in eve , the bigger your ship the more people will show up to kill you

if you really want use a Stratios, good drones , good tank and you can fit some neuts

What drones are considered good… and I hope your not giving me a bait loadout

all the drones are good
but every race gives one kind of damage so depends on the target
galente ones give more damage , minmatar ones are faster the others are in between
use the ones you have better training imo

ok, so you think Stratios is better than navy drake?

yes is better for exploration because the can get invisible
they also warps faster

drake is a battlecruiser , is kinda strong but to slow to go on hostile territory

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What about fittings, weapons/defense/rigs/etc…

some variation of that ??
not sure
it was the first result on google exploration fit

btw take the crap ou and put a scram and web and that fit is kinda decent
i would take the lasers of to and put neuts ,

the ship you lost had no hacking modules so maybe we are not talking about the same kind of exploration

I have no idea what those modules are just from the icons

If you don’t know what those modules are from the icon, I’d say your still a bit too green to be flying an strateros.

Honestly, t1 exploration frigates are pretty good. Especially the Heron. I’ve used the heron numerous times to bait would be pirates, and win. Its a tanky little unsuspecting beast.

i agree

I am a bit biased though. The heron is my most favoritest ship in the game because it’s so multi-functional, and so unsuspecting if you want to use it for bait.

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you keep asking for people to give you a “best” ship and fitting for PVP. there is literally no such thing - any ship can be viable for PVP if it’s fit right and you know how and when to fly it.

if you don’t have a good grasp on ship fitting and piloting (which you don’t), you should really focus on flying smaller and cheaper ships until you do. stop buying ships worth hundreds of millions for PVP until you know how to actually fit and use them effectively or you’re guaranteed an embarrassing lossmail.