LF Fitting cloak/probe/point/tank

(Fonzzy Belvar) #1


I am looking for a ship/fitting that I can use to scan down hostile ships, warp to cloaked, point and tank long enough to allow friendlies in the same system to warp in and destroy the ship.

Ex. of enemy ships; Destroyers and below

(Quelza) #2

So Force Recon cruisers, Tech 3 Cruisers, and the Stratios.

(Fonzzy Belvar) #3

Ok, say like an Arazu. It would be able to tank a Jackdaw for a minute or two as friendlies warp into me?

(Quelza) #4

Oh definitely, especially since you can damp the Jackdaw all to hell. The “Cloaky Long Point with Sensor Disruption” fit found on the UniWiki entry for the Arazu is a pretty good place to start.

(Fonzzy Belvar) #5

thank you very much for this!

(Quelza) #6

Good Hunting o7

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