How to check Abyss lag before entering?

I have made quite a good number of run tonight in the Abyss.
Whilst everything looked normal in space, and many run were fluid;
some of them were terrible. Lags and freeze up to 30 seconds, with a
window of three to five seconds between one lag and the other…
I was lucky to be in a Drone boat and I could set my drones to aggressive and fire up my
stable reppers, otherwise I would be dead…

How can one know before going in an Abyss filament if there will be serious lag issues?
Is there an external site to check traffic?
These lags events happened randomly in three run on maybe twenty, so not very often,
but enough to make me want to quit running the Abyss for a bit…

I also lost two geckos in one of this lag events…
How could I prove the loss in this case??

If you keep having “lag events”, and not many other people are having it, then its most likely your ISP issue, and not a connection issue from the server end.

Whatever is going on with abyss, its not meant to be a safe journey from A to B. It’s supposed to be a hellish journey to and fro, and thats why the specifically state, you will not get reimbursed for any issues with connections etc.

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I don’t know, I have a really good fiber… I just checked ping to Island, it seems ok…

I don’t have many, I just had a couple…
I see it can be hard for reimbursment.
I try anyway. I’m not fishing, you know…

The first I lost my geckos but I made out alive
The second just few minutes ago it was a hellyish nightmare
and I quit instantly as I made it out two minutes short!
The two were separated by at least five hours time of fluid runs…

Not going back in!

This is the only proof I was running Abyss with Geckos that I can provide,
unfortunately I wasn’t recording during the events, if that could make any difference…

Servers are in London

Damn Wall Street! 7-8 in the morning I bet is a busy time for greenwhich and co…
I should put up an alarm when the Bear wakes up!!


And time to Iceland is irrelevant anyway.

The critical things are what does the backend of your ISP look like - inevitability your connection will be contended: 1:50 is common for domestic broadband in the UK (some are better - it’s a cost/design consideration). The uplink will become congested at busy times which increases latency and more importantly jitter increases. This will cause issues.
As will dropped packets.

Whether your ISP has an AWS Global Accelerator node helps. And no, that doesn’t mean Eve is hosted in AWS - but CCP, quite rightly, use them as a backbone interconnect. There’s nothing you can do about that except change ISP.

Your home network is important. If you are using WiFo then the radio space is contended - and packet loss/performance drops as others in the area use differing amounts of capacity. Wired connections are better - then you are only contended by other things that connection is being used for by you or others in the property.

The causes of network issues are many and often because of unavoidable compromises. The client handles it well - but sometimes it becomes noticeable as lag and rubber banding.
In busy times it will be worse.
If someone else in your home is doing something internet demanding (and backend contention hurts you here too) then that doesn’t help.

If it’s bad then take a deep breath and accept it. CCP have done a lot to reduce problems but there’s a lot (your neighbours and your ISP) they can’t control.

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I just reinstalled windows from scratch… you forgot one possible reason… and so did I…
Total OS crash…

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