How to continue AIR new player experience story?

Hi there, I played EVE for a bit, about five years ago. Recently watched a youtube vid about the re-vamped new player experience which piqued my curiosity.
So I rolled up a new character (Minmatar), went through the first bit of story featuring the AIR organisation, then got sent off to the career agents for training.
My question being: do I need to run through all career agents, or can I pick up the AIR thread again before I do?

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afik there isn’t more AIR “story”. Are they planning to expanding it? No one knows. If you ask me, we probably gonna see yet another NPE iteration before that happens…


CCP says they are still working on the AIR NPE experience. It has already been expanded from it’s original release.

Once you leave it however there is currently no way to go back to it. It’s possible a future iteration might allow that but it’s likely that you’ll need to create new characters to experience any potential future updates to the NPE.


Thanks, good to know.

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