How to find out how much am i worth?

Hi all
Is there a App or way of working out how much a Character is worth to sell in the Bazaar


In your character sheet, at the top, if you expand the “banner” that shows your face and a few other things, there is also a net worth estimate.

Check here for more details:

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Thanks Erethond but i should have mention how much it is worth to sell in the Bazaar

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log into and log in, and copy the link to the bazaar asking for character value.


thanks done that

The rule of thumb of the character bazaar currently seems to be 1b ISK per 1m SP; assuming your character has some semblence of specialisation; i.e. Industry SP for an industry character, Combat SP for PVP pilot.

Actually I am using an app. It is called Neocom. I am using an iPhone. Don’t know if it’s on anything else besides apple.

The only apps i see on droid when i pull up neocom is evedroid beta, eve online portal (i use) and the several other eve apps like evanova.

So apparently it is an apple only app.

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