How to increase commitment

remove cloaking from lowsec and highsec because that only adds to ways players can remove themselves from being content

Have you tried decloaking people who are cloaked instead? I hear that also helps


disappointed that this has nothing to do with tournament game play

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Tournament play doesn’t exist

“how to increase commitment?”

Give @Walter_Haut ticket to shooting range.

Covert ops should be able to probe cloaked ships.

Covert ops should gain a special type of launcher that can launch probes specifically for targeting cloaked ships, but that can target uncloaked ones also. add in some new bonus like smart bomb radius wazoo like 30-40k and we have an awesome role for covert ops.

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Or, hear me out.
You stop stressing about killmarks and just harrass them.

Do you expect us to be sitting ducks for you to warp to and pod? Should we just be marked as beacons on overview so you don’t need to bother scanning and have content served down your throat?

“How to increase commitment”



Docking, logging off, and not playing the game removes them as content also. Should we removing docking and logging off to?

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