A couple ideas on turning cloaks into content

So, the following presentation is just a quick idea rundown since I’m getting bored of trying to bait cloaks only to realize they’ve been afk for the entire day.

cloaks cdr increases the longer it’s on up to a maximum of 30 minutes of continous cloaking for 15minute cooldown; this cooldown extension is ignored if the ship in question engages in pvp (tackle/firing/etc), allowing the ship to cloak as normal upon completion of it’s objective, to continue its objective or to continue on to a new objective.

  • extended cooldown only applies in space not owned by the players corporation/alliance or NPC’s (this would allow for constant intel on those fleets that are planning to engage from npc space or are already in sov territory)
  • promote more people getting into covops/blops to supply intel as well as promote that area of content (lets be honest, blops and covops is fun)

Forces players to be at the keyboard more often, so the cloaky campers actually produce content, rather than just afking all day.

Stops people from crying that they can’t rat effectively because of the cloaky bois.
Forces alliances to be more engaged in their covert ops and a higher level of planning and engagement is required to keep intel on the enemy or potential content supplier.

No other changes made; if, within the 30min time span, pvp engagement occurs, the player can return to cloaking immediately, if, however, they’re determined to not produce or force content, they’re presented with a 15 minute cooldown on their cloak, allowing for those around them to engage, and force a fleet fight or further escalation, or simply have the cloak out of the system. This means they’d have to trade off the cloaking with another account or person every now and then, making cloaked intel gathering a team effort.

Pvp should be more active and entertaining, nothing positive seems to come from thh cloaky campers, because everyone knows they’ve got a cyno, but no one’s willing to engage them without some kind of potential benefit. With this timing change, it would allow for the sov owners to have the possibility of fighting back against intelligence gathering while making those intel gatherers actually do their job, rather than just alt-tabbing over to league or something.

this change would allow for more control over ones alleged area of ownership, while also allowing other alliances to be more aware and engaged with their covert alts or covert ops members; having to switch from one cloaky toon to another cloaky toon would utilize either more people or more accounts, ultimately providing more online members and, potentially, more active members, producing more content for both sides, and decreasing the annoying stale mates presented in most isk production systems.

Not sure if the idea’s already been presented or not, but just a thought on the matter, as I’m bored of just waiting for a cloaky camp to finally drop on me, only to realize they’re afk and not gonna produce any kind of entertainment, while only providing an illusory threat in local.

Either the above changes or some kind of module that can be activated once an hour or something a little more random, that can blast the system with a decloaking wave, and anyone at the keyboard can just recloak and continue seeking their objective as is, but anyone afk will rightfully become content (just like the botters should be content… or disbarred >_>).

If you pay for the game, you can continue skilling up afk, but not having any kind of positive effect on content is aggravating to say the least.
At least play the game, don’t just leave your ■■■■ logged in and go on vacation :frowning:

Anyway, thoughts and opinions on the two ideas would be pretty interesting to see.
Apologies if they’ve already been posted somewhere, I didn’t see them.
Senriana Hara

The trash can for stupid cloak whines is here: Main AFK cloaky thread

Please use it to avoid cluttering up the forum.



Why would you ever want to do this? Incompetent morons whining that their risk-free RMT operation is hindered is a feature, not a bug.


My thoughts are that we can turn some of these ‘isk gather only’ types into pvpers over time, if we can force engagements in mining areas and stuff then we’d have to force the ratters and miners to have ships or alts with fighting ships nearby to actually respond and play.
IMHO, I just want more content, but everyone’s so laid back or plays too safely. This cloak thing might be able to get the ratters into more pvp, at the very least, and could influence the miners over time as well.
Just cause, they bitch and complain about the cloaks, but there’s no fighting to be done to actually get an opportunity to earn their spot in those systems, you know?

Fight for the right to mine and rat, kind of thing.

I’d rather have content than crying. It’s not like CCP’s going to do anything about the botters, so I can understand from some of these people’s perspective of having to gather isk in order to fight, not everyone wants to plex everything, or has the funds to do that IRL.
The ig mechanic of ratting and mining should definitely be utilized for kills, but it should also have the opportunity to turn those miners and ratters into pvpers, not just passive observers

Wake up. That’s never going to happen. Give them an instant kill button and they’d still not use it and instead cry every time their space pixels get blown up.

Hi, as mentioned we have a centralized thread for discussing these ideas as otherwise the forum would be overflowing with many threads about the same topic. Please post your ideas and continue the discussion there. Thanks!