How to make ganking and AG a play style

Or they quit because the gameplay was completely removed.

Also, I only see Lucas’ retorts when you quote them. I’m not surprised he disagreed with my “many highsec corps wanted safety” to declare “no you’re wrong they only wanted to socialize” which is completely 1-dimensional, revisionist, and absolutist. Cannot give 1 inch of ground that could conceivably be used to build an argument for “the other side”.

Your own story shows how you evolved from the pragmatism of safety into getting “hooked” by the Eve bug with friends and socialization. Thank you Githany for sharing it.


I am amazed Lucas came right out and said this. Wow. In an MMO? Imagine a game that forces interaction!


Why is that amazing? MMOs have experimented with forced interaction and it always ends badly. Good game design encourages people to seek interaction. Forcing it only makes people go do something else because they aren’t going to stick around and be forced to do something they don’t like in a product they are using for entertainment.

The entire purpose of MMOs is interaction. Otherwise you should do something else.



This is hilarious. I don’t know which came first, but it sure does show the gaping ideological differences.

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The point of MMOs is to give the option of interaction, usually in numerous forms. Forcing interaction is bad, because you’re always going to be forcing at least some players to do something they don’t enjoy.

In this case you like it because you’re talking about forcing people into a playstyle you already like, but think about what the worst, most soul-destroyingly boring activity in EVE is to you, then imagine someone could force you to do that with them.

That is quite ludicrous a comment on PvP, given the amount of PvE that is ‘forced’ on players. I mean, I never ask those rats in the belt to come attack me. It is totally non-consensual. The majority of noob Ventures are lost to non-consensual PvE that is forced on them. Yet there’s not a squeek about that from you. Maybe because it would show off the utter hypocrisy and double standards of your position.

I vote engaging with you in the forums as that activity. I mean, you’ve been on this rant for 7 years now…on and on and on and on. You have bored most people beyond death…yet still you pop up endlessly like the frikin dormouse popping its head out the teapot in Alice, pretending you care about noobs while you make billions out of the very commodities that kill them.

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That’s part of mining. Fly to an empty spot in space to fight people in PvP, you’ll never see a rat show up.

Nope, they are killed by rats while they mine, which is part of mining. That’s art of the PvE experience they are engaging in.

To you literally everything is a doublt standard or hypocrisy, even when it’s clearly not by any objective measure. It’s almost like you have no actual counterpoints.

:sob: :sob: :sob: Stop doing that then. Noone is forcing you to scream your opinions at me. There’s even a handy block button that stops you seeing my posts. But you don’t use it, you choose to engage.

I make billions out of a lot of things. I can’t dictate what those things are used for.

Oh…how convenient ! So ‘forced’ stuff is OK because of some lame excuse that it is ‘part of mining’. Hmm.

But it is forced on them. What the heck has the fact that they are mining got to do with it ?

Yes…when you post. It is double standards to object specifically to stuff being ‘forced’ on players yet make excuses for such being allowed in PvE. If the game itself can force conflict on players then that sets a precedent there is no reason for anyone else not to follow.

If belt rats can attack people in Ventures…why should I not be allowed to as well ??

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It’s just not forced. That’s like saying “I did some missions and was forced to LOOT!”. It’s part of mining. The mining PvE experience is shooting rocks with lasers and defending your ship against red triangles.

No, it’s not. It you saying “This part of PvE is forced on you!”. It’s by far the weakest attempt at an argument I’ve seen from anyone.

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It really doesn’t look as if Lucas Kell is being Ignored here but what Lucas Kell wants to achieve!

Typical Lucas semantic gibberish. I can’t believe how readily you believe your own lies and BS. Well, actually I can…as the forum has a long history of it.

Fine. Let’s play your silly stupid game. If PvE belt rats are not ‘forced’ on a player, then neither ( by the exact same standards ) are gankers…as they are ‘part of mining’ too and have been for years. Gankers are just as much pirates and have just as much right to be in the asteroid belts destroying stuff.

So if PvE rats are not ‘forced’…neither are gankers. But no doubt you’ll conjure up your usual semantic jabberwocky BS double standard lies and distortions to invent some twisted yawn-worthy pile of nonsense to ‘counter’ that.

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How to perhaps make antiganking a playstyle could be defined from having the ability to call in Faction support fleets based on standings and ship class. Ganking is mostly achieved when a ganker fleet warps in. It is not to suggest that such a support fleet will 100% prevent ship loss but it adds a new playstyle to the ever concerning solo miner Capsuleer in Highsec.

  1. Even Corp Members can’t always wait for other members to fleet up and mine together.

  2. Maybe the playstyle everyone is asking for is right infront of us.

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Belt rats are part of mining PvE, that’s why they exist. Gankers are not part of that PvE, they are part of a PvP playstyle being forced on a variety of other playstyles, one of which is mining.

I never said forcing, I said ccp should point out its better to do some things in groups and try to encourage some activities to be undertaken in groups,

It was all aspects of eve that got us to form a group primarily a minmatar fighting a mutual war with Amarr fanatics that pulled us together. Before fw was around, this put us in a good position to fight Invaders that threatened our low sec areas and to look after miners and mission runners. Solo players, tagged along too for group activities for protection

oh wow, not only antigankers suck at preventing ganks, but now they are complaining about sucking about miner anti-ganking.

You will need to talk to hateless about this because he has ccplease ears and ganking is not ganking, its “griefieng”, the latest “griefing” changes protects the nullbear freighters, they do nothing for miners, specially venture newbro miners wich are a delight to gank, sorry, “grief”.

What I would recommend you do is kill yourself (in game), biomass, and transfer all your assets to me.

With all this talk about AG or G playstyle, does this require fake clone copies?

And ho do you make this happen?

If you simply increase the difficulty of the content, that it requires 2x more players, all you achieve is that the content will be instead multiboxed at best. (I am referring to the barges EHP buff here)

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