How to obtain this blueprints?

Hi, all!

I have a question - how to obtain Gnosis/Praxis/Sunesis blueprints? May be other way to obtain this ships?

P.S. I know what i can buy it on Jita. I seeking origin of this blueprints (or itemz)

They were given out as part of special promotions by CCP, or through promo codes which were included in several EVE online boxed editions throughout the years.

So, unless new promotions are coming, there are now real ways to get new blueprints

5 run BPC for the Gnosis were part of the Second Decade Collectors Edition. Markee Dragon still lists it:

Blueprints for the Sunesis and Praxis have never been released - CCP handed out the ships to all Omega accounts a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t count on them increasing in value because of their special edition status - CCP can hand out more whenever they choose.

BPC’s for Sunesis and Gnosis (single run’s I beleive) have dropped as loot from the old events.

OP you could try looking on contracts for these bpc’s.

they are “gift ships”
they were added to each active account for free during event

also you cant get blueprints for other things… like for gecko

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