WTA Gnosis+Sunesis+Apotheosis BPCs bulk

In 1 big bulk:
21x Gnosis 5 runs BPCs (105 in total)
29x Sunesis 5 runs BPCs (145 in total)
42x Apotheosis 5 runs BPCs (210 in total)

All of these BPCs are from the event and cost only 1 tritanium to build each one of these ships.

Location: Jita
Starting bid: 5bn
Buyout: 6bn
Minimum bid increment 50m

iam interessted in the complete Gnosis Bulk, contact me ingame if u want to sale it from the others.
Friendly Bump.

The auction will end on May 27th.

Give you 2 Billion for the works.

Will you sell the Gnosis BPC’s separately?

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