WTS Stratios BPC and Astero BPC in BULK

Want to sell some BPCs in bulk, way under market value. I got way to many of these and can frankly not be bothered to do the market and industry part.:

100x Stratios BPC - 175m each
100x Astero BPC - 51.5m each

Only taking orders of at least 5b in value. Delivery in Jita.

Can also sell other Sisters of Eve LP store items upon request.

5b for 100 Asteros?

I’ll give you 21b for the whole lot

I think my prices are already low as they are, not looking for further low ball offers

Not really by my numbers it will take over 192 Million ISK to manufacture 1 stratios including materials the BPC and selling costs. Jita is at a bit over 196 Sell, so being generous you might see up to 4 million isk profit per unit. However, you are going to need to manage the manufacturing of all these ships and ship everything to jita, let alone tying up 19.2+ Billion ISK for a Possible profit of 400 million ISK? also you could just put out buy orders and pick them up for around 185 Million isk, which would allow for much more profit and less time consumed. Anyone could just take that 19.2+ billion isk and market trade for an hour and make more than 400 million ISK easy. That being said my offer is 16 Billion ISK for the 100 Stratios BPC’s. I think at your price you mine as well just make them yourself, no one is going to do all your grunt work for pennys. That leaves me with about 1.9 Billion ISK profit or about 10% to be “bothered” with all that industry and manufacturing… oh and selling.

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:point_up: this.

Didn’t really consider sales tax in my calculations.

@Cloon_McCloon contract is up for 21b

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