WTB komodo bpc

Looking for a komodo bpc, message here or via Eve Mail.

Happy holidays!


Happy new year!

1 here

Great! How much would you like for it?

I know its on the high side but to part with it 750B, which would afford me to venture off into eve and cut out a piece of a sector to rent and mine moons and krab until my hearts desire.


Thank you for sharing!

I appreciate you took time to answer. I know you worked hard to get the requirement to buy this bpc and I hope you can fill your dream of renting and mining but I won’t be of help to you for this cost…

Good luck!

I see caiman and loggerhead bpc. My guess someone is working on a Komodo!

So I got to be on top !


Someone is selling a komodo hull for 700b, probably more towards 600B by the look of how it is going…

So I am offering you 300B for your bpc.

Angel Titan bpc is 650b, are you kidding me at this price?

I can tell you that the cost of the komodo hull is 400b, and even if it enters the LP
store, its price is not more than 500b.

I believe you. That is why I am looking for one… But no one is selling atm

This costs 170b to manufacture andI guess if you’re not in a hurry, you can buy it later,
once it’s in the stores the price will be inflated because of the lack of output, but the general trend is definitely down.

I’m looking for it too.But I dont expect the price to be more than 550.

560B 4 bpc

thank you for your interest in selling me that bpc. The other poster in this thread got himself a full konmodo hull for 550b. With about 200b build cost that get the bpc to around 350b and this is the offer I make you. Unless you are selling me 4 bpc at a total of 560b, then I will buy it… :wink:

Thank you for your time

410B bpc? cutting my dream for you a lot!

375B? In jita I hope …

410B. I went down a lot. Not far.

I got a offer for 450B

I’ll take it for 410B then. Contract to this char.