WTS large batch of Amarr and Caldari COSMOS BPCs

WTS very large batch of Amarr and Caldari COSMOS BPCs.

How did i determine price;
Well, those that outright available in contracts - i used lowest price as basis, even if that price outside of Jita.
Those BPCs that sold only as large batch, i instead used total worth price of manufactured COSMOS modules, then i cut total price for BPC by 2/3. Basically if one module worth 50,000,000 isk, and bpc provides 3 runs, i’v set price as 50,000,000 * 3 * (2/3) = 100,000,000 isk.
Some BPCs actually sells dirt cheap, probably looted in pvp and sells for quick cash, I’v still used lowest available price as basis. You can easily expect ten times profit from those BPCs.
And finally i applied 20% discount for total batch of BPC, additionally to all previous cuts.

In short, you can expect at very least twice the profit from building from those BPCs. Even without maxed out industry skills, and yes, including price of COSMOS components. You just need appropriate skills to be able to construct them. Generally Caldari COSMOS modules requires up to level-5 skill of “Caldari Encryption Method”, or up to level-5 of “Talocan technology”. Amarr COSMOS BPCs requires either up level-5 of “Amarr Encryption Methods” or “Takmahl technology”. But you probably already know this, if you are interested in purchase.

The total asked price for all BPCs is 1,9b isk.

If you are interested - contact me, and i can set for you as a personal contract for one day. You are more than free to double-check all prices. If you won’t accept it in one day - i will just assume you are not interested.

And finally here is a screenshot of all BPCs.

Number of total runs is standard, you can check it either in available contracts, or google it. None of those BPCs were used.

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