How to Post a Ticket About the EVE Forums?

I am trying to find out how to post a Ticket about the EVE Forums,
as I have done before, a long time ago,
but, couldn’t find out to do it back again yet ?

Can anyone person on the forums help me with this ?

Maybe from the SUBMIT BUG REPORT


Or, is there a better way?

I think from the support website you make a ticket

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The support website linked above. Depending on your issue, under Gameplay Support → Rules & Policies there are several categories from Harassment to EULA violations.

Filing a bug report won’t work, at least not well. Developers who fix bugs in code won’t be well equipped to handle problems outside of that field.

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If it is bug with forum as a website. Post bug report as said above. If you want to discuss about moderation and other similar stuff mail community team.

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Where is this
Gameplay Support → Rules & Policies
you stated is in the
support website linked above?

Ah yes, ty.

You’d reach it after choosing “Submit A Request” at the top.

Also, just to be sure, be careful of submitting screen shots of the support website after you’ve logged in and ensure your user name is not displayed in any you choose to publicly share.

No, but that depends which username though as not all user names are not meant to not be shared in ways which can be shared even if other user names are intended to not be shared in those ways.

It’s also a good exercise for secrecy and integrity of the practice of that integrity and can also be (a good practice).

It can be, for instance, if you shared security sensitive information with a party which is not in security or , authorized to be.

it can be, for instance, is you shared security sensitive information with a party or parties which are in security, and, which you later find out that, they didn’t fulfill their security duty to actually protect that security sensitive information, after which it would warrant you to get a security job for them and from them, although, not referred from them,
that same security which were liable and responsible for the duties related to that security,
deliberately misinterpreted the security sensitive information and tried to use it against you, instead of actually doing their jobs, and not be lying they couldn’t help it and so on…

It’s like if they asked for clarification on their jobs which 5 to 8 of them are paid $60,000 a year and the higher ranking officials over $100,000 a year, and still, try to both misrepresent the security from those security malfaisance, not to say tort, while you did all the security work for over 25 years because of the communication gap they tried to cover with justification of communication gap by blaming others for the communication gap they tried to cover.

Then tried to credit themselves for attacking you while you still have evidence of not only how they attacked you,
but also,
how they actually hurt others by trying to coerce people who are not allowed to work security to be responsible for security work they misrepresent and don’t actually do as well as they could to avoid the security problems they cause from misuse of system security related to those username.

Ok what this has to be a bot it cant be real


Do you think I would work in systems analysis to design login systems ?
I could design a bot for it if you want, but I certainly won’t, don’t , and won’t have to agree to be a bot because of how you try to commit fraud about me and your judges lied in courts against me.

I am both reporting them to other authorities outside of local forces and also getting clearance to work there myself too!

Stringing a bunch of words together with no punctuation, syntax, or basic grammar.

So…who’s the bot?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Yes, they sure do, I report them too…

Do you think I would work in systems analysis to design login systems for nothing , and not actually do analysis of the security related to it , or, require to be a bot to run the security sequence, or, not use electronic data storage to be able to analyze the attacks against me from your systems ?

Also, why is the first post about
How to Post a Ticket About the EVE Forums
inappropriate ?
the community feels it is offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines.

They then usually try to make me seem like if I don’t get it,
try to waste my time with attacks and other fraud related,
and offend me with false accusation of offense against my family’s well being and security.

CCP has got them where they want them because they don’t have to give them information they don’t deserve.

It means they’re interfering against the function of the system and misrepresent and misinterpret policies to attack with and from…

Also, players under 13 can play with their parents accounts, so yes,
technically they can literally not undestand.

View ignored content.
by ignorant.

Takes my words out of context and then,
asks me to explain to them what I actually meant,
after they tried to distort the meaning of my words,
while omitting their attacks against the integrity of my work,
like if there wasn’t already military working on it.

Elephant scissors in a norway-long manner, I think the chance are high, you think?

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Well, yes, it’s at least 1,000% more than sure.

Well, yes, it’s at least 1,000% more than sure.