Support ticket system assistance, please

“If any pilot has an issue or complaint regarding the conduct of our forum moderators, the EVE Universe Community Team can be reached by filing a support under the Forums & Community category.”

This support ticket option no longer exists in the ticket system.

Did I overlook it, or what is the correct format to submit a complaint now?

Are you gonna file a complaint against CCP Falcon for nuking your retarded threads?



Not “threads”.

I only made one.

Its not a complaint against CCP Falcon, but this was the only clause in the forum policy section which referred to appealing the re-instatement of a thread.

If there is another, let me know and I will use that.

The “Forums & Community” category no longer exists in the support ticket system

I’m not allowed to criticize the dev for completely overreacting without any considerations at all.

Im not going to argue the lock here.

Im just asking what is now the correct procedure for appeal, since the “Forums & Community category” mentioned in the policy/rules no longer exists.

I could send a ticket asking that, but there is no category for that either, and it would be sending a ticket about how to submit a ticket of the right format, and gets pretty redundant.

THAT’s an excellent question.

I’ll edit my post and RAISE HELL politely knock around, because that’s apparently the only way moving forward.


I like the female one most. Females are usually better communicators.

Dear ISDs, please help this man. And all of us, because this ■■■■ isn’t okay at all.

I haven’t got a clue. I’ll ask around and see what I can find out.

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Thank you.

I want to do it the right way, but currently cant, as the “Forums & Community” category specified in the policy no longer exists in the support ticket system.

Furthermore, there is no specific clause regarding appeal to re-open a thread, just the far more serious “complaints” regarding personal action of Community staff, which is not my intent, but the only one close enough to consider.

Tbh this seems to be EXACTLY the thing that fits… problem is, how do you complain about The Boss? is where a GM referred me to when I was having an issue with the forums and submitted a ticket. So that appears to be how to submit a ticket for forum support.

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You very likely didn’t because I also didn’t find this section any more when I tried to help someone else the other day. And I think it is intentional because this forum is supposed to be a big, happy family and issues don’t happen here, so there’s no need for such a support ticket category. And if even the ISD doesn’t know about that it tells a lot.

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Hey, we AGAIN agree on something! Fascinating! :grin:

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I looked into this a bit… You’re totally right that the Forums & Communities section is no longer on the support site. There is an option under Game Play and Support > Rules and Policies > Game masters and ISD if you want to file a complaint about action any of us took here. I have sent an email up the chain so hopefully we can get a more complete answer for you soon.


Ill send a ticket down that route.

Notable though that I dont have a complaint about anyones action, I just want to appeal to re-open the thread. Ill include that in the ticket.

CCP should probably update the policy though, as the current one is inapplicable due to lack of that category refered to.

Thanks for your time and effort.


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