Where do you go to report that you cannot put a ticket in?

I am stuck in the " PLEASE REFRESH LOGIN SESSION TO CONTINUE" loop. I am not yelling either, that is copy and paste from the Submit a request page.



I think it was just waiting for me to post a thread to start working.

it happens , its like wen you want to show a awesome thing that always works to your friends and…

Just write at email given above. It will create ticket as others without need of using website.


I thought we are able to submit a ticket without even logging into the game or forum.

It’s a known about issue that is currently being worked on. But thank you for the heads up!


I just hope they can fix my latest blunder.

I was bulk buying and injected skills and accidentally bought and injected Minmatar Carrier instead of Cruiser. CCP was kind enough to remove it from my head. They said that all market transactions were final and could refund the money and put the skill book in my hanger.

So I flew over to Perimeter and sold it to someone that had a buy order up. I got charged the broker fee and the skill book disappeared. I never received the ISK for the skill.

Did I get scammed? Was this a glitch that I need to report?

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