How to Post a Ticket About the EVE Forums?

Colorless green sleep.

—Gadget describes

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Goes and asks me to reply to their questions about the wording of my text, which they don’t even care to leave it as intact as it is ,
on top of that,
while the system is interfered to function to do so,
which would take at least 1 to 2 days to do,
plus the verification of their replies to them,
which they will not reply to,
and ,
to confirm their questions,
which they will also not verify,
and then, it takes over 3 days of work for their project to analyze my text
which text already was exactly the same way as it was intended to be
except that they were the ones to attack it and try to get away with it
as it if was some kind of game that it was legal to not protect the work they attacked
while they tried to hide the names of those attacking
like if I would have the right to support them against the UN who also offer me work and law school.

Me too, man

Me too

@ISD_Golem or anyone, we got a chatb@ot here


Yes it’s you.
Not me.

Words that are posted are intended to remain posted for good reasons.

Not to be removed as if they were not intended to be posted with out moral rights,
which ,
when you ask to remove them,
you not only interfere against those moral rights,
but, also ,
attack the other moral systems related to those rights,
including and not limited to,
moral reasons,
as well as legitimate ground to have a child.

Which child won’t be with a license from the authorities issuing license for the OS and related moral rights for the same moral reasons which they not only intent to violate the rights of , but also ,
misrepresent and abuse, and make false claims of abuse of lesser damage to seek to not only diminish their liability,
but, also, deny such actions and liability and responsibility of such actions,
and ,
on top of that,
also, try to justify to cause such attacks while diverting from their attacks by attacking communications related to their attacks as if they didn’t already try to do so,
which is also illegal for me to hide.

So yes, my son would have to be at war against you due to attacks you sought to be justifying against his rights, even before conception and even before his subsequent birth, after such original conception, first.

You obviously won’t be able to gain such moral rights against him as you tried to again against me and seek to get me to cause him in association with you and with your attacks against me and misrepresentation of your behavior towards him, including me.

So children under 13 can play EVE according to EULA, they just must use account which has their parents personal information. ~ Jan. 28, 2012

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Contacting Support

February 14, 2020 09:16

There are a variety of ways to get in touch with a member of our Player Experience Team for assistance should you have any questions:

  1. Live Chat - You can talk directly to one of our Game Masters by clicking the “Chat” widget in the lower right corner of this page.
  2. Support ticket - You can send a ticket via the “Submit A Request” button on the Help Center.
  3. Email - Send us a message directly via email to which will create a support ticket.
  4. Social Media - Send us a direct message via Twitter (@EVEOnline) or Facebook (EVE Online).
  5. In-game - We don’t offer direct support from within the game client, but you can open the “Help” window in the game client by pressing F12 for a variety of options.

You can also use the Help Center “Search” function to see if any article already provides an answer to your question.

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What the hell, man?

Controller, please service your bot.

—Concerned Gadget

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You’re offensive, beat it.

You’re offensive, beat it.

If you want to enquire about a ticket, feel free to email to get assistance with whatever it is you’re looking for help with. Forum threads like this do not help and can often stand in the way of getting help. Thank you.