How to redeem and transfer purchased MCT's?

So I have two accounts … one with a main character and two alts. And one extra one with just a main character. I bought the half price package 3 months + 3 MCTs for both accounts. Is there a way to redeem and transfer the MCTs from my second account to my first account’s alts? When I try to redeem the MCT from my second account it wants to apply it to my main character of that account. I just want to move it to the station so I can apply it to one of the alts of my first account.

Mcts are not transferable between accounts

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How do people attain them to sell on the market then?

You dont

Older items, I think.

The 3x MCT + 3x Omega deal has been giving non-transferable MCT for a while now. Any MCT you gain is in the redeem queue and is automatically applied to a character when redeemed.

In the past you could get MCT items from the New Eden Store, I think. I’m not sure if the NES still sells tradable MCTs today or if those have also been turned into MCTs that are automatically applied once redeemed.

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