MCT in the store?

Hi, I just wanted to ask, if i buy the MCT in the NES store, does it apply to my current account? Or do i get the tradable MCT item that can be sold on the market?

Thank you.

Tradeable item. Make sure you redeem it where you want it.

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Thank you. Hugs and kisses to all.

Jenna Aldestrou out.


x’ing up for the hugs and kisses.

For others who may not know, the redeem box can be accessed from any station, and some items can be redeemed to a station and then placed back in the redeem box (reverse redeemed). However, if you do that, you cannot redeem them again at a different station, and must manually transport them instead. And getting caught transporting PLEX or MCT items or other high-value stuff is probably going to result in a suicide-gank attack.

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