MCT issue

I recently bought a MCT (multiple character trainer) on the ingame EVE store. However it doesn’t show up (anywhere!?) and I cannot it…

I find it slightly absurd that I just payed 480 plex (20 bucks) for something that I cannot use, find or even interact with…

Talk about throwing money into a wormhole

Did you check your redeemable items?

and how do I do that? it’s never mentioned anywhere

It was in the tutorial… three times(?) and everything bought in the NES says it will show up in your redeeming queue.

Neocom > Inventory > Redeeming queue.

what tutorial? I just followed the link to buy plex and then…

edenstore > buy MCT

there was no tutorial anywhere in these steps

The tutorial you played through when you created your character. Three(?) times Aura told you “retrieve things from your redeemable items.”

Asking questions is good, but bitching on the forums that CCP robbed you because you have failed to read multiple things in the game that explain to you how things work is well…

It doesn’t matter how many times she tells me how to redeem items (why three? one is enough) if they fail to say anywhere when buying to redeem…

Do you see the word “redeem” anywhere in that text?


No, but do you see it anywhere here, with exact instructions on how to access it?

Not to mention when you bought it, the redeeming queue popped up across the whole of the bottom of your screen.

Aura tells you three(?) times in the tutorial because you have to use it three(?) times (to get the injector and sill book, another time(?), and to get your new venture at the end).

I also couldn’t finish the tutorial because I couldn’t start training. I started playing wayy back in 2011 and I was training my main.

FYI… The tutorial locks when you cannot start to train skills

You can send a support ticket to a GM to reset it, or you could do it on an alt. Still not CCP’s fault you didn’t use the tools you have available.

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