Old characters, transfer & MCT offer

Hi, few months ago I started again on EVE, then I found that you could get back your old characters even if you do not remember the password of your email (amazing support by the way).
Now I have my old accounts: they are 2 and 1 has 13mln SP while the other has almost 6mln SP.
Because after 2 months with the account I restarted I am still at 4mln SP I am thinking to use the older ones.
The problem is that they are 2. I’d like to use the MCT offer that appears sometimes (I used that on the account I started in december).
If I understand, I could ask for a transfer of 1 character to the other account and then wait for the offer. Is it correct?
I am wondering also: if I become Omega on the account with 13mln SP, can I still get the offer of MCT?

You can switch one char to the other acct no problem there. Youll still have to pay the transfer fee.

The char with 13m you will not be able to train further without the use of injectors (daily alpha injectors are worth it in the long run compared to large skill injector)

The others are similar once you get to 5 mil. Youll have to use injectors.

However, if you become omega, then neither of those statements matter.

Mct will only work for characters on the same account, so you can train two simultaneously.

If the offer for mct is available stil, you can buy it and have both char training on the same acct. You can use the offer as omega, it adds more time to your current omega char.

Hope this answered your questions


Thanks man!

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