How to remove space ship dump look from EVE

When you watch big fleet fight videos you see one thing clear: Big space ship dump. You see space ships in one big mess. I propose fix for this.

When you jump through jump portal you end up in some kind of fleet formation around cyno ship. Heading could be same with cyno ship heading. This way ships would be in clear order after jump giving EVE fleet fights better look.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

For me, the chaotic look is part of what makes large fights more interesting.

No thanks for a stale, regimental look.


So half the fleet is out of position?

Maybe fleet could warp in different formations, only there would be choice. Nothing forced.

I agree.

When you see the trailers, the most epic part is usually when a huge fleet warps in, lines and lines of ships all in perfect alignments, all facing the same direction (towards the enemy), looking very professional and deadly.

Then you see the reality and it’s a mass of ships screwed into a ball facing up down and sideways.

Now I know, things don’t work like the trailers, ever, I’m not silly … but it still looks cack.

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