New trailer speculation - Reign - Q1 2021

I want to know what people think of the new trailer. Because it makes me think that flight formations are going to be a thing now. But what do you guys think? And if you do think it will be flight formations, how do you think they will work? And how do you think that will impact PvE and/or PvP?


Sounds like it’d be hype until the FC accidentally Formation Fleet Warps to a gate and 90% of the fleet lands outside of the gate activation range, lmao.


Fleet formations don’t make sense when there are no ‘line of sight’ mechanics.

But they may make sense to help organise how ships exit warp/jump to cyno for positioning and to prevent bumping.


Spreading out to avoid bombing runs when landing out of warp says hello.

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Formations might be useful if people can define their own formations - so you can arrive all at optimal ranges with the angles to target already set, everybody at the best range to logi, etc. Nobody will warp in with a “flock of geese” formation or an “optimal boosh-me grid” formation.


I feel like i covered that:

To add to my answer, this trailer does seem to focus on ships taking up formation during warp.


Nice trailer!
Reptilian and mammal “noise-packs” for ships confirmed!
Little critique: A Megathron class battleship should sound different. The Scythe sound ok. The caracal should not sound like rattlesnake.
I am hyped to the max! What kind of sounds are CCP hiding from us?

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put the tank on the front, the snipe on the back, ofc make sense but prob is just a fc button and the monkeys just press f1

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New ship sounds available in the NES?

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I originally thought that perhaps CCP was getting ready for the summer Olympics by introducing their version of synchronized swimming performances EVE style. :wink:


This is pretty much all the feature will be, you won’t get the massive grand formations like the trailer shows, the trailer is for effect, they always have been, yet some people these days sadly see a trailer and expect the gameplay to be 1 to 1

If i had to bet ISK it would be that this feature just lets you set which side of the warp sphere you land on so that tackle doesn’t have to burn through the fleet to get to the target

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But what does “wielding a single advantage” mean?

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Nice trailer, CCP should really consider making movies.

As for the formations shown in the trailer, think they’re more for visual eye candy. They show a V-wing Flock Of Birds formation, a stacked Box Wall formation and a staggered Convoy Columns formation. I don’t see how they would work for engagements.

But yeah, nice trailer…


It did look good. And DMC is correct about the eye candy formations. I didn’t mind that either. But no hint as to whether it’s offensive or defensive. No matter which, someone’s going to hate it! :salt: :rofl:


If it’s all pre-made formations it will be of limited use, but if it’s a system to where an FC can make his own custom formation presets then it can be fairly useful.

Spreading people out to avoid bomb damage.

Using presets to help with warp ins to stay on a moving target.

Keeping logi in proper range, ect.

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Haven’t noticed any Amarrian ships in there.

CCP removes one of empires?

Amarr has been cancelled.

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Everybody gangsta until ALL explosions, even ships, have AOE damage.


Judging by the ‘new content’ released this patch, and projecting a similar style and production value I would speculate that it will be poorly executed, players won’t like it, and they will leave it in anyway because it fits their views of where their game is going.

In their latest patch they added, well nothing new actually. They did make changes to a lot of game mechanics, mostly useless and or annoying, I personally cannot think of even one feature of the latest patch that had me thinking ‘oh hey that’s a good idea’ or ‘This certainly makes the game more intuitive’
in fact it’s quite the opposite.

The new REIGN trailer seems to be hyping the ability to have formations in your fleets. I find it Ironic that it includes tactical in the title as within current game mechanics having your fleet spread out is a TERRIBLE idea. I would expect them to add formations to fleets, and then simultaneously remove the ‘keep at range’ and ‘orbit object’ options. The reason they would remove these much used functions would be, of course, to force players to use the redundant fleet formations they had just implemented, because FC’s would not use them for anything other than photo ops.

I’ve taken a few moments and tried really hard, an maybe I can classify ‘having the option to redeem items directly to your home station’ as a decent feature of the latest patch. but only if it is an option, not if that is just how things work from now on, then it’s a terrible idea. So I guess it’s possible that SOMETHING, MAYBE, will come out of the new REIGN that isn’t a total waste of time. I would speculate that that will probably be ’ you can take some pretty neat screenshots now’ and that will be about it. To bad that those screenshots will be bundled into a bunch of annoying crap that you won’t be able to choose NOT to use.

Yeah I agree with some ot the posters above, formations will be existing to make prettier streams etc.

Practical changes, I cannot see.