How to stop frigate and cruiser proliferation? simple

Remove the blueprints from the game, then this scourge will end.

How to stop your bad post proliferation? Simple. Lock thread.


This should be locked for trolling.

I expected better.


I completely agree, I know this was a troll, but what they need to do, is retire aged and underutilized Hulls.

Two things would happen. First. You would stop this overwhelming need by CCP to “balance” everything. Second. You create a new market for discontinued hulls, kinda like a “Classic Ships” market.


I love posts like this. Free speech!

This might not be enough. I have discovered that CCP gives free frigates to new players during the tutorials.

This is clearly killing the game and needs to stop. Instead the NPE should give them a pile of skill injectors and a few capital ships, saving everyone a little time and better reflecting the actual gameplay experience.


This post is too complex for me to understand. Why does the OP hate Scourge missiles?

Because they reveal his inner self.

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