[SHIP TYPE] proliferation needs to be addressed by CCP

I come before this community today to demand that CCP do something to balance [SHIP TYPE]. The use of [SHIP TYPE] has dramatically increased, and is going to ruin the meta and discourage [group of players] from engaging in [activity] in [location].

The biggest problem with EVE online is not necessarily the use of [SHIP TYPE], but [convoluted way to say that because people use SHIP TYPE, its use should be restricted].

When [SHIP TYPE] was first introduced, it was never intended that [SHIP TYPE] would or could be used by [numbers of players] to do [activities] in [locations].

[hate on SHIP TYPE]

[spiel about how SHIP TYPE is dropped on small gangs in low-sec]

[spiel about how the use of SHIP TYPE goes against the philosophy of EVE]

There is a clear, obvious solution to this problem. [SHIP TYPE] should be more expensive, and [nerf everything SHIP TYPE can be used for].

Warm Regards,
[SHIP TYPE hater]

With the capship haters out in full force agitating to get capships nerfed so as to accommodate their personal preferences and playstyles, I thought I’d provide the following template as a service to make their posting somewhat easier. Just fill in occurrences of [SHIP TYPE] with whatever offending capital ship you want, and fill in the rest according to taste.


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Awesome thanks.

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Is OP and needs a nerf-hammer immediately!

10/10 would read again

One, that’s from reddit. Two, not a feature or idea, so I’ll just move it to General Discussion for you.

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Well… I edited it :slight_smile:

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