How to survive High sec Ganks as a solo Freighter pilot in 0.5 systems


How can I survive multi boxing gankers in uedama as a solo freighter pilot. I am even scouting in my pod before picking my freighter and jumping into the systems but i don’t see anyway out of it once i become the target other than being helpless as a solo freighter pilot.

please give constructive feedback on how i can survive as a solo one account freighter pilot.

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  • Don’t overload your freighter with too much value.
  • Use Eve Gatecamp check to see if gankers are active on your route. If so, determine if they can take you down or not (do note that fleet sizes can vary over time).
  • Fit for max tank, and not max cargo. If you need to make multiple trips, make multiple trips.
  • If you can’t haul it safely yourself, pay someone to do it for you.
  • Use other ships when appropriate (i.e. use a covops capable ship for high value, low volume goods).
  • Make friends. Have them scout for you and web you into warp.
  • Park your freighter, hop in a corvete, and sit in system until the gank fleet picks up a criminal timer. You now have 15 minutes to move through they system/pipe.
  • Don’t get lazy/impatient.
  • Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
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I try not to use my freighter going up to Jita but sometimes I have to. So my Badger is tanked (shields and armor). Slow as a pig but I figure if I’m attacked, just button up and try to hold on until Concord does it’s job.

FWIW - Train into a blockade runner. I’m 2 weeks away from being able to fly Crane.


Simple answer: You don’t. If they want to gank you, it is irrelevant if you have cargo in your ship, are fitted for tank or not, or have a webber or support.

Providence | CEPbIu EPETuK | Killmail | zKillboard - Definitely not overloaded freighter
Obelisk | mike357 | Killmail | zKillboard - Not overloaded freighter
Obelisk | Mike Silkworm | Killmail | zKillboard - completely empty but do you notice the value of the ship alone?
Charon | RockSuck3r | Killmail | zKillboard - completely empty but do you notice the number of gankers?
Providence | Antioch Maelstrom | Killmail | zKillboard - empty but almost 60 ganker chars on the ship. :joy:
Fenrir | PJ Brute | Killmail | zKillboard - max tank but look at the number of catalysts. they ganked this Fenrir just to make a statement.

In essence: There is no way to survive a gank if you should die. Simple. The only real advice that might allow you to survive is that you should wait until the gankers attack another target and use that as a meat shield. And another tip is to NOT EVER get scanned. Learn all the cargo scanner chars on the route, add them as negative contact and check the route repeatedly. I have over 500 recorded chars by now that scan or used to scan. This helps to keep the danger down a tiny little bit. If you got scanned, dock. Don’t continue to freighter around and just wait a day.


Okay, so I’ve been in large gank fleets where the FC has said that we’ve gone too long without a kill, and so we were going to kill the next large target we could find, whether it was profitable or not. He would do this because he didn’t want fleet members getting bored and leaving, which would lower the engagement profile of his fleet. So yes, it is possible to get ganked even when you aren’t overloaded. However, that doesn’t mean that gankers are killing freighters willy nilly (burn Jita was an exception), or that they aren’t looking for profitable targets. Thus, it is still a good idea not to turn your ship into a loot pinata. It may not completely negate your chances of being ganked, but, I assure you, it will dramatically lower your chances.
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i have never been killed in a freighter to a gank.

Just fit for tank and do load it full of isk.

also why do you think a solo individual should be immune to dozens of pilots? if you are still worried a board group might gank you for the lulz put an alt or a friend into a hyena

In Eve a high% of battles are won before the battle begins.

Besides maxing tank, minimizing cargo value, scouting, etc. You can increase your odds by checking what time the enemy is most active and hauling when they are not online. These stats are readily available on the kill boards, map sites, etc.

You can also avoid using Jita. There are plenty of trade opportunities all over that are profitable and your not forced to go to Jita at all.

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Hello Drac, Rroff or Ridley alt,

Anyways, everyone else already listed ways. There is also another way thru Uedama if you got the stones for it. Hit me with a mail in game and I can tell you.

I guess? None of those show a webber on the KM. I mean I would expect to see that if someone webbed and still died.

I have hauled many billions (maybe a trillion?) over my EVE career (ran freighter and JF for pushx). I always used a webber. Given the time it took me to web my freighter I felt pretty sure it would be super tough to get ganked. Yes there is always the chance that I would land close to a guy ready to lock and scram, but basically the planets would have to align in just the right way to make it happen.

A webber surely helps but is by no means failproof. I have been attacked especially because I used a webber. The gankers tried to kill my webber first one gate away from their main ganking system. Plus, if they see you use a webber, they can also use a suicide tackler that tackles your ship before you can web it. Hence, again: If they want to see you dead, you die.

So the best way is to ensure they never see you :smiley:

That’s why I said earlier to never get scanned, especially not on the undocks of hub stations. It is incredibly tricky to do without knowing at least a few dozen to hundred scanner chars but over time it can work out.

I didn’t say it was. However I would say it makes a very large difference in your survivability.

And this contradicts your previous post, and the statement I took issue with. As a reminder you said

Yet someone did want to kill you and you said they tried (I presume that means they didn’t succeeed).

A fact I addressed in my post. However, unless they want to sacrifice a very expensive tackler, they will likely need to get fairly close in time to tackle. My webber on the other hand can reach out to 56km so I will almost always win.

Hence, your own short story contradicts.

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They did not because they tried to gank my webber before I reached the gank system. I docked, disconnected and played something else. No contradiction in my statements.

The tackler is a frigate. Or an expendable, super cheap Blackbird. Or a Procuror, or T1 hauler. Suicide tackle is not expensive at all.

They lock faster than your webber. it applies the point a tick earlier. If you web, they suicide tackle and void your webber. If you have logis, they just bring a few more catalysts and/or Taloses. IF you bring jammers, they gank your jammers before they attempt the gank on your freighter.

If you say so. My experience says otherwise. Just because you haven’t had certain experiences does not mean that these experiences don’t happen.

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Short answer:

  1. Don’t go to Uedama if you are so risk averse that a <1% chance of being ganked is too high for you, or
  2. Don’t be a solo Freighter pilot that wants to through Uedama

Long answer:

No matter what activity we choose to do in game, the ability to do it effectively comes down to risk management; and whether to do it at all, comes down to how much risk needs to be managed v the perceived reward in doing so.

However, no matter how much risk management is applied, risk will never be 0.

In general, the best thing you can do as a Freighter pilot is realise that no solo ganker out there can gank you*. For a gank to be successful against you, it needs preparation, organisation and multiple characters.

So if you are going to manage risk, then the best approach is to also make use of the benefit of group play.

However, since this thread specifically narrows it to “solo freighter in Uedama”:

Assess the Risk:

  1. Before even undocking: utilise all of the available data sources to get an idea of the risk:
  • ESI System Kills:
    ** Uedama is system ID: 30002768
    ** This is cached between updates and records the number of kills in the system in the last hour
    ** Any ship killed (by other players or NPCs) will show in the stats
    ** If the number is high, but zkillboard doesn’t show many kills, then assume gankers are active and not posting their kills - RISK HIGH
    ** If the number is low and there are no/few pod kills, then the risk is lower

  • zkillboard: Uedama | System | zKillboard
    ** This should not be the first one you look at. Use this, to help add information to the previous stat and adjust the risk rating based on the two values together

  • Same approach for systems leading to and exiting from Uedama on your route (ie. check for nearby gank activity, not just Uedama)

  • Dotlan route planner: Route Planner - DOTLAN :: EveMaps
    ** This provides quick links to each system in the route and makes gathering/filtering the information more efficient

  • Eve gate check: EVE - Check before you jump!
    ** Same as above, but it is dependent on killmails being public and posted. So it is useful, but only as part of collecting information from everywhere

  1. Chat channels to also gather information in:
  • Gankintel
  • Antiganking
  • Haulers (not spefifically not notifying about ganking, but posts do occur there)
  1. Standings:
  • Positive standings for antigankers
    ** Set known antigankers in your timezone to blue. If when you are scouting, you see them in Uedama or nearby, ask them directly if there is any gank activity

  • Negative standings for gankers
    ** Set known gankers/corps/alliances to red, so you will see them more easily when you scout
    ** Check zkillboard ganked list and idenfity suicide point characters in your timezone over the last couple of weeks and set them red also. These characters might change regularly, so recheck this every could of weeks

  1. Locator agents:
  • They are still useful and if you run them on particular gankers active in your timezone, you can then get in system and see if they are actually online or not

Risk Management

This totally depends on how risk averse you are.

Given that you have decided to fly a freighter solo, then understand that you’ve basically decided to fly a freighter with the least amount of risk management possible.

If you get ganked, because you didn’t manage any of the risk identified in step 1, then suck it up. That’s your fault.

However, if you “need” to fly solo and through Uedama and there is ganking going on:

  • Wait for someone else to be ganked first and then go through Udeama while the gankers are on their criminal timer
    ** Some multi-boxers have multiple fleets that they can login, so either you should have identified multiple active fleets when assessing the risk, or you have a gap in the timing, following a gank, before the next fleet is logged in and ready - go then

  • I don’t know - make a friend? (even antigankers that you see online) It’s a funny concept, but works. Being as ready to prepare and organise as the gankers do, gives you a huge advantage

  • Re-organise your in game time to do something else, since being solo is placing your own articificlal limits on your ability to manage risk. That’s a choice you’ve made yourself. It’s not forced on you.

  • Make yourself a less desirable target
    ** There is no guarantee that you will be safe, but if you are a less worthy target than someone else, that’s good for you.
    ** Don’t overload cargo value, use maximum tank possible

  • Run the gauntlet, understanding that most freighters actually get through Uedama just fine. The incidence of freighters being ganked is extremely low compared to the number of movements each hour.

The risk will never be 0 and it never should be. You can still be ganked, but gathering information and then making decisions for your own safety on the basis of that information does help drive the risk down from the low level it begins at.

There are many players that haul effectively and very safely, every single day in highsec. Anyone can do it, although choosing to be a solo freighter pilot is choosing a risky way to haul.

* For anyone that might want to object - this thread is about highsec and specifically Uedama. If you can’t understand that, then maybe go take a nap


Ok you either lack reading comprehension or took my quote out of context on purpose. Either way you completely misunderstood based on this reply.

This also misses the point. Which goes along with your other missed point. My webber can reach my hauler pretty much anywhere they may land on the other side of the gate. Keep in mind for say a regional gate you can spawn 25 or so km from the gate. A cheap frigate is gonna have to burn in most cases (unless they are lucky enough, which can happen) to just get in range to apply the point. Unless they want to use something specialized for long range points, which isn’t a cheap frigate. In that transit time my freighter is GONE.

Another misread. Where did I say it never happens? Where did I say that webbing is perfectly safe? I haven’t

What I have been saying however is that your contention that

Is not true.

I have made many many billions hauling over the years. I bought my Obelisk and Anshar back in 2012 and they are still the original ships in my hangar. Yes I have had attempts made. to gank me. I am sure they wanted me dead, yet I did not die.

No defense is perfect. However gankers don’t get perfect success either.

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All gank systems are now systems that have no regional gates. Niarja is no more and even there they got you on the Madir gate or in Madir instead. That point has no bearing at all for the subject. You say that my contentions are not true. The same goes for everything you say because every example is based on wrong assumptions, wrong circumstances, wrong premises and wrong ideas.

Moa | HSM Fleet Admiral | Killmail | zKillboard - for instance (and all other HSM (naval rank) prove your statements about expensive tackle ships that cannot reach wrong.

Rapier | Una Mier | Killmail | zKillboard - And here’s your Recon webber.

No, they don’t have to at all. Even on regional gates, which is a moot example, the spawn distance is just about 25-30 km from the center. That’s easily reachable with an overheated point.

You bring examples forth that are simply disproven by reality. If you haven’t gotten caught for real yet, consider yourself lucky.

I think Drac and Ridley would both understand that this isn’t possible any longer:

This is definitely the alt of someone out of the game for a while.

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A Slave pod and a Loki webbing alt with armor links can help.

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