How to unbork FW megathread

(Tristan daCuhna) #61

Gate / Hans (named after previous fw csm member Hans Jagerblitzen) sliding. Has been around since before I joined fw in 2011. If it were an exploit it would have been picked up on and removed. Rather than being fixed when it stopped working for a brief time in 2015. You are however correct on the fact that you won’t convince me.

(Sam Knob) #62

Well gotta admit when you’re wrong:

Old post on the Hans-slide

Nice one, did not know something like that existed.
Tips hat
You’re right, good sir.

(George Tomato) #63

What I like about FW:

  • Being a part of something bigger, even as solo pilot
  • Easy to find targets in the designated warzone
  • Gradation system for contested sites (small, novice, etc.)
    However i would like to have some kind of site with gradation based on pilot numbers

What I dont like about FW:

  • Conquering systems with stations for influence became pointless with citadels
  • Time based mechanic of contested beacons is boring and induces afk game play
  • Some pilots somehow bugging faction police in HS and sitting on tradehub stations all day shooting FW newbros
  • FW reward system does not encourage PVP combat (LP payouts for killing enemy ships are hilariously low)
  • Pretty useless systemwide benefits when upgrading local iHub
  • More LP for the winning side which lures in afk farming alts which make the winning side even stronger
  • State of Amarr/Minmatar warzone
  • FW Mission farming. This should be PVP content not PVE

(Flyinghotpocket) #64
  1. highsec. shouldnt even be a factor in lowsec factionwarfare. if you hit f1 on your guns in enemy highsec your ship should explode. get to lowsec and engage in faction warfare. When pilots of our corporation attemped the same NPC glitch that the minmatar use in the amarr system we were greeted with a ccp warning of a ban. the minmatar bias needs to stop NOW.

  2. CCP needs to realize that the 2 factions have entirely different fighting styles and as such need to have slightly different implementations of fw stuffs. talking about amarr/min and cal/gal

  3. Bring back the god damn bc plex.

  4. bring back the “faction” in faction warfare. make the plexs back to their original implementation were the navy faction ship was the highest class of ship allowed in a plex.
    A. minor plex t1 frigates only (navy faction best shit)
    B. Medium plex (back then it it had no name so we called it the cruiser plex) up to t1 cruisers. (navy being the best shit)
    C. major plex, there was 3 kinds of these so excellent variety. 1 unrestricted anything goes. 2 major restricted to t1 battleships 3 major resitricted to t1 battlecruisers (no t3 cruisers allowed). so in the t1 bs ones. navy battleships were common.

    i suppose for this one a little bit more variety in the size of plexs coming up. so there isnt this set doctrine of throw away frigates and destroyers and cruiser. in order to take a system

  5. PVP LP payouts. need to be the same payout regardless of tier level. PVP LP payouts are far to low. and far to capped. 50klp maxium? on a 5bil isk kill? comon get serious. a serious blow to someones wallet needs to be seriously REWARDED.

  6. Missions need to be removed. from fw they do not encourage pvp.

  7. fine missions wont be removed cuz ccp. when ccp implemented this new sov and occupancy system they forgot to program the missions to follow the new sov system. and as a result they still follow the old sov system. aka spawning in FRIENDLY territory. so yes when your maximum tier. you get to make money in total safety. make sense right? missions need to follow new sov and all spawn in enemy systems.

  8. 1 more thing on missions. enable a way for enemy militia to “end” the mission. no rewards nessicary. just let us literally end an enemy fw players mission so they get no rewards and have to travel all the way back and get a new one. (let us blow up a NPC trigger or something) this will at least force someone to fight for the mission or loose out on their money.

  9. ranks do something with them.

  10. Roll back timer on fw plexs. been suggested a thousand times and people agree. a roll back to zero is the best solution.

  11. citadels… they are just like poses. have different methods of being taken down and can both be lived in enemy territory.

  12. something you CCP should have continued doing to keep people intrested in faction warfare. is content updates. hire 2 members to continuously write story and drive content for FW. spawn npcs in systems do something with them ask for capsuleer assistance give special rewards WORTH SOMETHING. create special scenarios. award ribbons and medals and im not talking about every 6 months do something. im talking about every WEEK. maybe once every 6 months award medals and ribbons to participating parties with enough special currency or whatever.

when you engaged your community you’ll find that people will talk about your game. and become more interested in it.

nullsec is not the place for this. but FW, a lore driven war. NEEDS content provided by its NPC overlords who launched the war in the first place. during these special contents only fw players should be able to participate. sorry pirates nobody really wants you interfering with our war.

(Tristan daCuhna) #65

So much this.

(Kylanti Hendar) #66

The ranking system should be used to encourage long term participation. At the moment it is too easy to gain ranks and they mean nothing. Instead ranks should require serious involvement in all aspects of FW. Requiring hundreds of kills, plexes, and/or missions. Reward for putting this effort could be greater LP, access to more lucrative LP stores.

Not sure about this but plexes could limit access based on ranks rather than ship size, so veterans fight veterans and novices fight novices.

Also sitting on a plex is pretty dull. I thought missions could add to the control level in the system, but they need to keep the player in system longer. Not just hit commander and run. They would also need to spawn in enemy systems…

(Daliena Talvanen) #67

While not such a bad idea in theory, that would mean needing to create alts just to dig out the burrowed ticks that are AFK farmers, botters and what not. They won’t ever get kills nor missions, so they’d be invincible to the higher-rank players even entering their plex.

(Master Sergeant MacRobert) #68

Blockquote Kylanti Hendar
The ranking system should be used to encourage long term participation. At the moment it is too easy to gain ranks and they mean nothing. Instead ranks should require serious involvement in all aspects of FW. Requiring hundreds of kills, plexes, and/or missions. Reward for putting this effort could be greater LP, access to more lucrative LP stores.

Fully behind the idea of the LP Store being changed, as has been said before. Remove silly things like collecting tags that do not even drop in the plex sites (mission only tags).

Add more useful and lucrative items, particularly consumables (Faction Conflagration and Scorch for example. Faction Tech II should perhaps be considered - BPC’s that require a Tech II item plus build materials to “faction it”).

Make the most sought after items available only to higher ranks.

Make higher ranks only possible if you have a number of FW kills.

Perhaps even put tags (LP Store tags) inside FW Capsuleer ships - linked to their Militia rank?

There is so much that could be done to encourage faction loyalty. Your rank should be lost the moment you switch Militia’s.

(Master Sergeant MacRobert) #69

Why can I not already contract to “Amarr / Caldari / Gallente / Minmatar Militia” in the same way I can to “My Alliance”?

Even if it was just to “My Militia” for Militia members.

Surely this is a “small things” item for the Dev teams?

(Portmanteau) #70

All this. Spot on

(A bad Man) #71

CCP is unlikely to remove the cap on pvp LP, as this has ended badly in the past. As with most things in this game, you can blame the Goons.

With regard to FW missions, I would like to see something implemented that would make them harder to farm on an industrial scale than they currently are. Changing the compositions of missions to make them harder to blitz (or at least blitz practically risk-free in a Purifier) would be a good start. Throw in pretty hefty penalties for turning down missions as well to reduce cherry-picking. Maybe throw in some features such as only being able to have X number of FW missions active at once as well, or only being able to use each agent once per 24 hours.

I’d like to see FW missions being bought back to being a perk of participation, rather than the focus of 75% of activity. If you turn off the LP faucet by making it less attractive for farmers, then the decreased supply should force up the prices of FW store-specific items, andhopefully benefit those players who don’t abuse the mechanic.

(Flyinghotpocket) #72

yes bud i know all about the goons. but the cap is far to restrictive. far too ■■■■. if your tier 1. and you end a 5bil pod you get 50klp. thats it. thats ■■■■.

the cap needs to be like 3x what it is right now. and it needs to be non tier based.

honestly the missions stuff shouldnt get more complicated. it should just be ripped out.

The game keeps getting more complicated but the gameplay isnt.

(Tornii) #73

(1) FW being an ISK/LP farming sidegame instead of a cluster-wide conflict between pilots loyal to their militias, something it is supposed to be

(2) Artificially limited complexes that make no sense in terms of technology and lore

(3) FW developments having no effects/repercussions on empires and/or their economies

(1) An overhaul of capturing mechanic so that it is inclusive for all ship types but at the same time viable for both small gangs and bigger fleets

(2) Changes designed to root out the causes for constant and frequent switching of sides between opposing militias

(3) Changes for lessening the ISK/LP farming aspect in FW

(4) Mechanics that see FW events and developments have effects on the life and economy of the empire factions, in a way that would make FW relevant and attractive to join

(Temmet Vuld) #74

If someone from your own militia attacks your friends and you help them by attacking their agressor, you’ll get demoted.
Either that or you watch your friend die because of the unexpected attack.
And if you are in a smaller ship, you’re next…

Any suggestions on to avoid/fix that?

(Rovain Sess) #75

I will second the wisdom of the Pocket. Faction Warfare at one time was fun, interesting, and unborked. Ever since - CCP has neglected it, and shown disrespect to a large group that -guess what - doesn’t want to go to Null. I think the solution is - CCP please stop with the whole there is only one end goal in Eve. Enrich all of Eve’s ecosystems vs. Making everything a training ground for being a f1 chimp. Until each area is seen as a possible end, all this discussing is irrelevant… gotta rethink what the role of the arenas should be… my two cents.

(Onictus) #76

You haven’t done an FW mission in a while if you think that you can blitz them in a Purifier.

(Flyinghotpocket) #77

YOU CAN BUD. its ez. come join minmatar militia.

(Oreb Wing) #78
  1. Fix npc faction police and introduce sentry npc turrets over gates and stations in systems where there is a militia station in high sec.
  2. I don’t know what that means.
  3. hear hear!
  4. I disagree. Killing pirate ships was one of the things I enjoyed the most.
  5. Closely monitored changes to LP payouts by FW CSM
  6. Missions need to be have reasonable ship restrictions against tier 2 or 3 ships entering them. This would bring them into balance, imo. Removing them is the second best alternative.
  7. Spawns are fine. This can be manipulated by turning edge systems and leaving close ones near FW agents as hostile to minimize travel.
  8. k. Make acceleration gates destructible?
  9. I doesn’t matter what they do with them if they continue to tie victory point system to rank. You can easily become a general in a day with some hard mission running.
  10. Dual timers are the best answer. Roll backs are really only LESS irksome.
  11. Citadels are nothing like POSes. POSes are limited by the availability and location of moons. Citadels are not. Docking rights. Vuln windows (are they still a thing?)
  12. I remember Warhammer Online had a nice bragging rights RvR points system that was updated every week and also separate legend hall for lifetime earned RvR points. Once again, remove the pve from the points system and it might work. Also diminishing point value with every additional ship involved with the kill.

(Oreb Wing) #79

this could negatively impact siege on an enemy system, or having an enemy neighbor. The having the most uneven contestation mechanic working either too much in favor or against one side.

I don’t know what a half a day siege would be like, but it would be awful to lose a system on a holiday or while spending the day at the beach.

On a similar line, changing payout of dplexing multiplies the possible scenarios and code work. Simply adding a variable that if the plex is taken defensively, the value of the 75% should be off-balanced and the difference against the full value be donated towards the corresponding iHub automatically. For example in a tier 2 home system at 10% with a Small plex we could see the following at work: [17500 * 10% * 75%] dplex check + (17500 - 1312). Payout remains the same, but the difference of the 16188 that is lost goes to the ihub, therefore rewarding those who dplex for the sake of it while keeping dplexing income to a minimum.

I have heard complaints about the sec hits and suffered them myself. I finally stopped complaining and just tagged myself back below -5 when I had need to. This could also apply to shooting pies or suspects in highsec for an even greater return and some opportunities for RP’ers.

Literally THE reason I took a break recently. Citadels ruined warzone system contestation. It became meaningless and only a factor when it came to LP farming or manipulation. The common misconception here is that they require vulnerability windows the same as their null sec counterparts. If you give FW areas a restriction to citadel anchoring, you need to understand it cannot work. Systems flip all the time and people would lose access to their own citadels. This would be just aggravating to a new level, both to neutrals and to militia pilots. Long ago I suggested that the citadel itself should be deployable as a special FW specific structure where found within the warzone; the citadel should deploy over the iHub and, in effect, become the iHub structure and becomes vulnerable by the same means, when the system reaches 100%. Therefore only one is available and present in any system. You can imagine the content this opens up. I really loved the idea, but it just didn’t catch fire with anyone. Citadels need work. Until then, this is the state of the WZ and FW. This would, no doubt, be an excellent motivator for group content, as citadels would be owned by corporation and therefore the system be identified by its citadel owner.

That’s it for now. I wont touch upon too much pve content.

(Garresh) #80

I’ve been out of FW for a while. With the exception of the factional disparities on the Amarr/Minmatar front, is it really that bad? Like when I flew with Minnie I got fights every night, and made isk when I wasn’t fighting. It fulfilled its core purpose pretty well as far as I’m concerned. I still recommend it strongly to new players looking to PvP. Should I be steering them towards RvB ot something?