HS Casual/Part time player corp *NOW RECRUITING*

StarrCorp Industrial and Freight are looking for like minded players who enjoy small time groups or solo play for capsuleers who cant log in as often as they wish to.

We welcome small time players from all time zones who enjoy all aspects of New Eden, from Industry to combat to trade running

WE Offer:

  • Casual Gameplay for players who cant log in on a regular basis- YOU play when YOU are available

  • Office located near major trade hubs- YOU CHOOSE where you want to roam the stars

  • Level 2 security agents at our HQ with level 3-4 only a few jumps away

  • Plans for our own stations near our HQ with No/Low cost taxation rates for refining and Manufacturing

  • Solo or Group play when YOU are available- After all, this is only a game, You choose how you want to play

  • Voice/Out of game text available via Discord

  • Casual Vets/Newbros and returning players welcome

  • Alpha or Omega accounts welcome

For More information, join our in game Public channel SCIF Public


Join our public channel and have a chat ----->>> SCIF Public

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