Zanzibar Industry is a proud member of Job’s Done. Sister alliance to Militaires-Sans-Frontieres.

Looking to mine some rocks and make some ISK while having some beers after work? Have a good laugh while putting some ships into the cooker? Learn some PvP in an encouraging and fun environment with some fellow Aussies or Kiwis? Hit us up!

What we offer:

  • Athanors in high sec and low sec (Good ISK!).

  • Buyback scheme for PI and other materials.

  • Mining fleets with boosts and compression.

  • Low PI taxrate in HS.

  • Plenty of structures for you to refine your ore and build ships and other equipment.

  • Low sec reactions

  • PvP Training and support so you know how to defend yourself! (Regular PvP is not a requiement)

  • Free combat Gnosis for recruits
    What we require:

  • People who are active in AU/NZ Time zone. People outside this TZ will be considered.

  • Regular activity and in fleet and on comms when able.

  • Talking over people in comms, being disruptive or abusive will not be tolerated.

  • Willing to learn and listen to directions when required.

  • Somewhat self-sufficient in making ISK where possible, all though we offer help to newbros.

  • You will need to AUTH your character(s) on our website prior to using our Discord.

Please contact or EvE mail Lord Czar in game for more information or join us in our public chat room “ZAN PUBLIC”.

You can connect your our Discord through our AUTH page. https://msf-alliance.com/. Once you have AUTHed on our website, you can select “Services” then connect to the Discord. Follow the prompts as required. You can add “masterczar” on Discord if you wish to talk to myself directly.

Hope to talk to you soon!

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Recruitment is still open!

Still looking for pilots!

Come join us today!

Join us today! We have free beer.

Still recruiting!

Recruitment is still open.

Still looking for pilots!

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