HS/NULL sec PVE/Mining corp Looking for pilots ( Learn how to make big isk fast with amazing Environment)

We are mostly a hisec mining, industry, Planet management, mission running corp with some nullsec and PVP here and there. We are not interested in violence if it is not necessary.
Corp rules:

  1. teamplay is why we join this corporation
  2. you pay for the game so you play the game as you want, we are not telling members when to do what.
  3. We will not attack others without a reason, although we will defend what is ours.
  4. all members are required to play fair, no back stabbers wanted here…

If you you find these rules interesting and willing to obey them you are able to join us. We are able to supply our members with some knowledge and basic equipment, ships and even a planet to setup a PI. The more you want from the corp the more you will need to contribute to the common wealth and effort of the corp.

For more Info please mail in game
Rami Maroub


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