Huffed Out [HUFF] - Seeking Wormholers

Huffed Out is a new alliance looking for high class wormholers.

You can join our generic Corp or bring your own Corp into the alliance (you’ll be responsible for your 4mil alliance Corp fee).

This will be case by case, 1 new member at a time. Requirements are that you fly dread(s), have enough scouts to seed a few holes, and feel comfortable with the idea of going solo against small corps if needed.

The benefits of running with me:

  • our combined fleets can hit bigger targets
  • we can seed more holes together in an organized and documented manner
  • we can use a share based system to coordinate payouts
  • we can use our resources to mess with null system sov if it seems fun & lucrative

You: have the ability and courage to do these things solo, recognizing that with a few people you can achieve much more by working together.

See you soon.

Reach us on Discord:

looking for big bois

looking for pilots

seeking pilots

looking for pilots

come get some

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