[Voidlings] Wormhole Corp Looking For New Degenerates

Why hello there fellow Capsuleers! The alliance of Voidlings is looking for fresh blood to join us in our main corp Black Fleet Incorporated. Our main body currently plays during US / EU peak but are interested in expanding into Oceanic in order for consistent player base throughout the day.

What We Offer: A brand spanking new home with a KSpace connection for PVP content and higher static hole for PVE Fleets. Armor Docs because screw Tengus. A chill and relaxed environment. Mining Fleets for those who enjoy looking at excel sheets. Fellow players with daddy issues.

We are looking for: Skilled PVP Pilots (Or eager psychopaths) Mic and Discord 40m SP (Willing to take those who skills are focused in what we fly)

Don’t have that many SPs? Fear not! We have a newly established recruitment corp under the name Chaos Seeds! This is our HS corp with a focus on wormhole spelunking in order to get new or unfamiliar players into the groove of of how this space works.

Think this is something that interests you? Then join us in our in-game recruitment channel: BFI Recruitment

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