[HUNG-] The Very Well Hung Alliance Null 0.0 (Catch) Looking for Chad Pilots + Corps for PVP, PVE, Mining & Exploration Fun! $$$

New Alliance in Catch 0.0 (Null) looking for members & corps - PVP, PVE, Mining, Exploration.

We hold sov in Northern Catch, we’re a growing “neutral” alliance looking for PVP corps & line members for the following:**

What we are offering:

  • Real-life comes first policy.

  • Experienced Corp mates to help you.

  • Access to 0.0 Systems.

  • Multiple Nullsec systems.

  • Mining & ratting.

  • JF service.

  • Multi boxers welcome.

  • Discord.

  • Small-Gang PVP.

  • Mining.

  • Exploration.

You must have:

  • Mic / headset for Corp / Alliance comms.
  • Minimum of 5m skill-points.
  • Omega main

If interested come join our Discord: The Very Well Hung Alliance
In-Game channel “WELL-HUNG”

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