HyperNet in-game chat channel

Chat channels dedicated to HyperNet are probably the best way to advertise your offers right now because of the constant spam fest.
By blocking the spammers you could miss out on some great deals.

While we wait for CCP to maybe shorten the HyperNet chat links or/and add more ways to filter the search, here are some in-game channels:
“Hypernet Hub” (probably the most popular one)
“HyperNet Relay” (not as popular but still good)
“HyperRelay Trading Public” (not really that popular either but people still post offers every now and then)
“Tishy’s HyperNet Network” (slowly but steadily gaining more and more people)
“KMKHyperNetDeals” (shameless self-plug, links to offers in MOTD)

If i missed any or you have your own channel feel free to comment on this post.

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I think you’ve spelt ‘scam’ incorrectly, I’ve hightlighted the offending section, should you wish to correct it :slight_smile:



I appreciate you posted this, not because I’m interested in that HyperNet at all, but because hopefully HyperNet scammers will eventually learn to use those channels instead of spamming local, and I won’t have to keep blocking each and every one of them that posts adverts in local more than once…

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I was invited to a channel like that. Couldn’t keep up. Spams just as bad.

No, he was just using a synonym for scams.

Like the interchangeable phrases:

“What a deal!”


“What a scam!”

both have the same meaning.

At least in Jita.

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