CCPlease ban all hypernet links at jita

Everyday there are so many people spamming hypernet links in Jita local chat. it is impossible to use the chat for anything else, be it trading, chatting, asking questions or looking for fleets. Jita is a special case because of its population and the fact that hypernet spammers always prefer to use Jita chat. Blocking the spammers is not an option, as there are new accounts created to promote hypernet links everyday, and any alpha can post a hypernet link.

Alternative suggestion: put a cooldown-timer on placing hypernet links.

CCPlease, the flooding of Jita chat with Hypernet links is detrimental to the player experience of the game


On the plus side, you actually have a chance to win something. It wasn’t like that back in the days when it was the ISK doublers dominating the the Jita spam.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I would introduce a delay for everyone posting there, with one post every 5 min.


Them days of the “bonus room” :rofl:

would have to be coupled with a restriction on alpha players too, e.g. no alphas less than 3 million skillpoints. Or else people will just create many alpha accounts to spam hypernet links

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They already do that to spam the “1M sp free” links on every NPC starter corp channel …

I wouldn’t classify hypernets as a scam.

That being said, they are kind of scammy, because if you divide the price by the probability of success it is always higher than the market price.

CCP takes a cut and the hypernetter (sometimes) takes the rest. In the long term, you always lose out, and as they say in gambling, “The house always wins”, with the house being CCP of course

You are on the wrong thread, Wadlest… Go to the right thread. Here’s the link:

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Alternatively changing the link color to pink would help to quickly spot the Hypernet spam and make blocking that trash easier.

I just want shared block list :smiley:

Could be just for my accounts, but it would also be cool to have EVE adblock…


Your first mistake was opening Jita local…


So much this.

Not at all. I don’t want anything banned in Jita Local, let alone restrictions on communication by alphas. Who looks at Jita Local anyway ?!
Your remedy is worse than the ailment.

Yes, please put there a 3-5 min cooldown. I am posting HyperNet Relay there myself, but I don’t want to spam and compete with spammers who use some software.

If you ban just links - chat would be flooded with “check my bio” spam or “send me ISK to win more” scam anyway.

If you’re looking for something useful in Jita Local, you’re doing something very, very wrong.
Just ignore it like the rest of us. It’s been trash for the decade I’ve been playing. It was trash before then and I daresay it will continue to set the standard for trash cesspits until the server hamsters finally die of exhaustion.

Everything is working as intended stop making suggestions

is your brain working as intended?

Everything in Jita should be treated as suspect. Block, ban and tag accordingly.

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