Hypernet Spam Suppression : Crude but mostly effective

By the Grace of CCP gods… you can block entire alliances.

If you’re sick of the literal vomit into local chat ( jita of course being the worst offender )… just block the corporation or alliance of the character. Jita local will fall virtually silent after about 20 or so.

Chances are you never want to hear from those people anyway. It’s crude… but has definitely worked for me.

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The real solution, is don’t go to Jita.

Sit in Perimeter and trade or on the edge of the region.


and difficult to ignore local for when you leave system…

And we shouldn’t dread going to a system due to spam. and it was like this Long before Hypernet

It’s by default on the avoid list for autopilot, not sure how it’s unavoidable. You can trade region wide and just move the stuff in and out, you don’t have to sit in the system.

Hypernet and spam of all sorts are hardly exclusive to jita

  1. CCP should introduce an option to mute local.

  2. CCP should introduce an option to mute any chat which links hypernet.

  3. CCP should introduce an option to mute any chat which links a contract.


The scammer rage would make the ganker whining look like a kindergarten “no you” battle. Don’t ever mess with the scammers.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Simply throttle local chat, exponential backoff, with throttle reset after period of chat idle.

The more faster you spam in local, the more you’re throttled.

This could be enabled on a per system local basis, start with Jita.

Simply close the chat window or switch to a corp channel. This is not new, people.

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Can’t close local. Can’t close corp.

PS: Delay local everywhere too.

You can make it smaller than your sentence. Or minimize it.

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That’s not closing it, and you still get the network chat traffic.

Having one of those days, are you? There’s only one forum pedant here, and it ain’t you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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The network traffic is the problem too, not just the visual text on the local chat window, imagine if you could stop the chat traffic spam, your client may be performing less laggy in Jita? So being able to actually close the window, might be benefitial.

On the Tech side… think of all the data points in the DB that could be eliminated and network traffic that could be cut. I still see the chat server struggling sometimes (disconnecting/reconnecting).

SPAM anywhere is no different than spam email. Just abusing DB resources - when it could be blocked.

That’s an AWS thing. The art of being unreliable in an enterprisey buzzwordy cloudy way.

hummm ya… but I think they may be either choosing the wrong services or cutting back.

My Ping to tranquility is 2ms. But about 50% of the time I have to resort to using a VPN service for a stable connection.

So, CCP is already paying for gaming level connection service. and I should not have to pay a 2nd time.

Sadly, probably true.

But…but…someone is giving away their entire Eve fortune of 80bn ISK because their pet hamster died and they are too sad to play any more. Its an obvious bargain !

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