Hypernets in jita

I have hypernet blocked on all my accounts. But I still have to see constant hypernet spamming in Jita. Can we not have hypernet links banned in Local chat, or even just jita local would be great? It would make the universe a better place. Have a hypernet chat for it instead. I guess CCP makes to much isk from addicts so this will fall on deaf ears. Anyway just a thought. I miss actually seeing chat in local. Not just a torrent of hypernet spamming. Even the scammers must be fed up lol.

Or at the very very least for people like me with hypernet blocked, can I not see hypernet links.


Some of the advertisements are quite interesting…

What do you think youd see in Jita local thats interesting if these were hidden?

I have every spammer in jita blocked for a reason. You can still have conversation in jita local, you just need to take a couple of steps on your own.

I do too, but there’s always new ones, they seem to be making alts or something.


There used to be a time when local chat windows did have a typing anti-spam delay, they removed that for some odd reason.

Not a big delay, just enough to stop repeating keyboard attacks. A small exponential backoff perhaps that resets after keyboard chat inactivity.

I have a question, where are the block list and chat logs stored?
Both are local right?

People talking instead of spambots spamming for starters…

Chat logs local block list server side (they count as contacts AFAIK).

Edit: At least you can manage and remove them in the contact window.

I have a friend who while still very new scooped twenty two frozen corpses from right in front of Jita, then docked, made an open contract for forty four million and made it public. She then wrote an insane story about the massacre of the Jita Twenty Two and how they were begining to feel as they thawed. The contract was accepted in seconds by someone with an equally perverse sense of humor.
That sort of thing doesn’t happen any more.


Wow the ones I saw were much more inappropriate.

That kind of sucks, it might make creating a batch file that could be made public which looks at the logs for hypernet links, or for someone saying the same thing over and over and adding the offender to ones block list a good bit more difficult… maybe not impossible however.

I’ve seen those as well, but they were easy to counter.

I think youd be disappointed

Is it really that hard to just not look at local while in Jita? It’s not like Jita local is useful for anything.

I don’t mind it. I just have a hard time clicking on the interesting ones so much it scrolls every half-second and the same offer is spammed for 30min straight.
Can someone say Desperate?

My ISK wallet always gets tangled in these Hypernets.

I hate it

Right click > block

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