I’ve been back to EVE for like 2 weeks now and every day I’m blocking several “for Less than on day” old chars spamming the exact same HyperNet Orca offer all over high sec.
I don’t mind spam per se, since you can always block people. But if some one or some people keep creating new chars on what seems an hourly basis to get around the block/ignore mechanic so they can keep forcing their ad on players then that’s not ok anymore.




Don’t bother using the hypernet. It’s a rigged system. You can see listings where the owner of the listing themselves is the guy putting up the item with like half the nodes. If you see that, let him waste his money.

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ccp should add a setting to filter out all messages with hypernet offers


I see this same ad every day, from different characters, smells like a bot to me


Report them as bots.
To do this use “show info” or just click on their name in local. In the upper left of their profile window is a menu and at the bottom of the menu is a “report as bot” option.

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Who in their right mind wants to own a “Mining Empire”?
Sounds boring …


They won’t do that because hypernets generate cash for CCP

Jita is like Times Square. You just get bombarded with terrible ads.

It’s actually very realistic. :slight_smile:


Not just jita.

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I like dragging this into fleets and other chats I’m in just to get everybody worked up.

CCP, please do something already.

CCP won’t do anything if you don’t report them to support, that being said i’m not sure local spam is an issue when you can just block them, i live in jita, i have to block people every day :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree, I love how Jita Local is so busy, even if I hardly read anything of it.

There are whole corporations dedicated to mining, but I get what you’re saying, mining is so mind numbing that I have to do it semi-afk. Thankfully I only mine to recuperate a few of the losses from everyday operations.

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You think Jita Local is busy? Warframe Trade chat is x100000 worse. Just ignore it

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Mate, even while I totally agree.

It’s already been clearly understood over time that CCP either does not care about botting, or is clearly incapable of controlling it on the long term.

The cat was brought out of the bag when Alphas and Injectors came and there’s no going back on that, not ever.

CCP Seagull left the company a short while after taking this catalyzing dump on the game wrapped in “good intentions” paper.

All they can do now is attempts at damage control for the rot, for as long as that maintains the ship above waterline.

Other than that, not much can be done Im affraid… :worried:

It’s like trying to fight with terminal cancer.

Doesn’t stop you from enjoying while there’s still life though.


Is hardware banning a thing ?

Used to be, i think it went by mac address of certain pieces of hardware. I can’t find anything recent just from a few years ago.

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LOL. As if reporting them that way would accomplish anything… You think they haven’t been reported a zillion times already? Of course they have…

The issue is not how to report them. The issue is that CCP won’t do anything even if you report them that way (or any other way, for that matter)…

Maybe they do ban the bots, I don’t know, but that’s irrelevant if they do nothing about the actual player that creates them anew each and every day, nor give us the means to block the bots by content instead of having to block each of them one by one each and every day…

The issue is that CCP DOES NOT CARE and they seem to believe making us have to deal with this kind of crap is OK, not that those bots should be reported one way or another…

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They won’t enable a blanket way to avoid seeing hypernets, you can contact support to disable your access to hypernets but you’ll still see the links, remember hypernets make them money due to having to buy hypercores to be able to create hypernet listings, its literally not in their best interest to have players able to entirely ignore the feature